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January 2009 - Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

99 cents - Horizon organic reduced-fat cream cheese 8 oz
99 cents - Oscar Meyer cooked ham 6 oz
50 cents - Snack packs of Oceanspray craisins
$1.29 - Oscar Meyer bun-length hot dogs
$1.49 - Best Foods Mayo squeeze bottle 24 oz

Peter Pan peanut butter is avahilable for fans of that brand. Different sizes and different prices $1.99 - $2.49. There was also Adams organic peanut butter for a good price, but I forgot what that was.

Haven't tried them yet but I keep walking by and giving them the eye ... $1.79 box of frozen palettas ... rompompe with raisins and pepino con chile. The ingrediant list is pretty good.

There are these little blocks of cheese in wierd combos for 79 cents. The ingredient list is good, however, these are so not snacking cheeses.They are ok melted. The parm/swiss/cheddar was way better than whatever that other combo was.

Seems like Mother's cookies are holding that $1.49 price. Much better to pick up Health Valley's version of oreos at that same price which has better ingrediants like sugar instead of HFCS.

They are clearing out cherry chocolate Snackwells for 50 cents a box at San Pablo. Actually ok ... ya know ... New Year's resolution and all ... though I guess I'll go back to splurging calories on something decadant instead of settling for any cheap sweet thing that crosses my path. I mean, Snackwells are Snackwells.

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  1. I saw the Mothers circus animals for 99 cents at Oakland. I also stocked up on Aidells red pepper and corn sausage ($2.99) and mac and cheese cheddar (Wisconsin extra sharp, aged 9 months -- they had 3, 6 and 9 so look carefully), 10 oz for $2.99. I can't remember what else I bought -- obviously nothing outstanding I had to run home and report. Still very low on butter and yogurt.

    1. At the San Pablo store they have Silk Soy yoghurt - Vanilla flavored. A quart for $1.49 IIRC.
      Pretty good .......

      1. Today, the San Pablo store had De Cecco Paccheri ($1.49) and Organic Spaghetti No. 12 ($0.99).

        1. You can never go wrong with Trader Joes, or the farmers market near the wharf. they always have great produce and they aren't that expensive!

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            What? Did you reply to the wrong post?

            What farmers market near the Wharf? I believe they went out of business quite a while ago.If it is not SF, where? Ferry Plaza is really not in the same class as Grocery Outlet, price wise or produce wise.

            I did a Dining $3 a day where I bought stuff at Ferry Plaza. However, I will concede that Ferry Plaza and GO aren't even in the same ballbark.

            Trader Joe's is fine for some things, but you won't get the same value for organics as Grocery Outlet.

          2. Simply Enjoy Straccetti garlic & basil noodles with wheat germ, handrolled, 8.8 oz, made in Italy. Wide ribbons, silky mouthfeel with firm bite when cooked for 6 minutes, would buy this again.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Thanks for the tip! I had tried the red chile pepper (really hot!), but not the garlic basil, so I got some today.

              What I bought last time that I forgot to mention: organic frozen fruit (nothing added). Twelve-ounce bags, your choice of frozen whole strawberries, blueberries or raspberries for $2.99. I imagine they would be great for smoothies.

              They had a slightly better yogurt selection today, with Horizon organic yogurts (2/$1) in vanilla and strawberry (I saw a shelf tag for raspberry, but apparently there weren't any left). Also, Tillamook "harvest orchard" flavor (3/$1).

              They were actually sampling something today: chicken wings from their freezer section cooked with A-1 Jerk sauce. I have to say, they were pretty tasty (and hot!), so if you don't mind the fact that HFCS is the first ingredient (High Fructose Corn Syrup, Vinegar, Water, Molasses, Soybean Oil, Salt, Scallions, Contains less than 2% of Allspice, Spice, Modified Food Starch, Malic Acid, Cinnamon, Lime Juice Concentrate, Thyme, Xanthan Gum, Nutmeg, Potassium Sorbate and Calcium Disodium Edta As Preservatives, Natural Flavor, Natural Onion Flavor, Natural Garlic Flavor), I'd recommend trying it, as it had a nice balance of sweet, hot and some fairly complex spicing. $1.49. She was giving out little cups of the bottled citrus "salad" to help douse the heat.

            2. At San Pablo store ~ $2.99 will get you a four pack of Niman Ranch uncured sausages in Thai Style, Apple Chipotle or Chipotle Cheddar. The package I bought has a sell or freeze date of 06Feb09.

              At Berkeley Store ~ Carapelli Extra Light (in taste) Olive Oil, 17 oz for $3.99 with a "best by" date of 31Jul09.

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              1. re: AntarcticWidow

                Was that Apple Gouda rather than Apple Chipotle? I got real excited when I saw that and started looking to see which stores still had it but I couldn't find it in our system.
                Oakland got a lot of the Chipotle Cheddar ssg - I'll have to stop on my way home for it. In the Bay Area, only San Pablo and Newark got the Thai Spice and only San Pablo got Apple Gouda.

                1. re: David Carlson

                  Arrgh. I even took a picture only because I my short-term memory is, well ... short. It is Apple Gouda, not Apple Chipotle.

              2. At the Petaluma Grocery Outlet:
                2/$1 - Horizon Organic Fat Free Yogurt - Vanilla and Strawberry
                $2.99 - Niman Ranch Uncured Chipotle Cheddar sausages
                $0.99 - Mother's Cookies: Iced Oatmeal, Mixed, Lemon
                and my buy-of-the-day was the $3.99 Farallon Vineyards 2006 Pinot Noir from the Languedoc region of southern France/imported-bottled in Woodbridge, CA

                Thanks for the tips!

                1. The Berkeley store has lots of Lindt 70% cocoa "intense dark" 100g bars for $0.99. Vanilla beans are in the ingredient list, not an extract or some substitute.

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                  1. re: PorkButt

                    Santa Rosa has 2 varieties of Lindt bars for $0.99 - pear and chili + some fruit, cherry? Lots of "nutrition" bars including Odwalla, lots of Terra chips in great variety, almost no cheese, many meats. Earthbound Farm organic greens seem to be a staple now.

                    1. re: Columba

                      The Lindt bars are indeed chile-cherry. Oakland had the Lindt intense mint, but they never seem to have the pear bars.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        We got a whopping 15 cases of the Lindt Pear & Almond bars. Only three stores got them - Santa Rosa, Ukiah and Lakeport.

                      2. re: Columba

                        Santa Rosa has the Lindt pear and chili-cherry bars, plus a 80+% bar, but all are priced at $1.99. Also, some little Scharfenberger 70+% for $1. Don't know why the price doubled.

                        BTW, cheese selection expanding again. Ran into an inventory taker on Tuesday & remembered that they downsize the cheese before inventory.

                    2. Oakland, 1/18:

                      Rachel's "Natural" (sugar, not corn syrup or HFCS) nonfat yogurt, pink grapefruit-lichee flavor, 2/$1
                      Cabot Greek-style vanilla yogurt (full fat) same price?
                      Lucerne vanilla yogurt, 99 cents/quart

                      Cadbury creme eggs, both original and caramel, 3/$1
                      Cadbury mini eggs, snack-size package, 2/$1

                      Immaculate Baking Co. "natural" cookies (organic flour and sugar, no transfats), chocolate chunk and triple chocolate chunk, $1.99/7 ounce box

                      Lots of the Niman chipotle cheddar sausages and Aidell's pineapple bacon sausages.

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                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        I got the Immaculate Baking dough last month (been MIA for a couple of months as we moved to to Seattle so I've just been lurking on the GO threads :-) ) Anyway - triple chocolate chunk is the best of the lot --also tried oatmeal raisin and sugar (which I made into snickerdoodles). These aren't much good for noshing on raw...not like the TJ's choc. chip cookie dough.

                        BTW - while the selections are generally similar, I still think the Bay Area stores have an edge over the 2 I've checked out up here...

                        1. re: kivarita

                          Just to clarify, what's in stock right now is the boxed cookies, not cookie dough. Or at least, I didn't see any cookie dough (I wasn't looking).

                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                            We've had the dough in the past and more is coming in this month - sugar cookie variety.
                            The Northwest stores really have to be on the ball to have variety as good as California. They order out of the same Sacramento warehouse but it takes longer and is more expensive to ship up there so we also have a secondary warehouse in Portland with only the faster selling and bulky items - but not as much variety. If a store orders too heavily from Portland their variety will be lower, if they order too heavily from Sacramento their margin will be lower...

                      2. San Pablo

                        Lots of produce specials today, especially for items from south of the border

                        99 cents - Organic Earthbound Farms fresh cherry tomatoes 10 oz container. Perfect condition, decent flavor with nice acidity. From Mexico

                        $1.29 - a slighly larger container of non-organic tomatoes. I bought the organic version, but I've had these before. An ok tomato that is about as good as anything you'd buy for double the price at supermarkets like Safeway

                        $1.50 - Fresh blueberries from Chile 6oz. Very good condition and good flavor.

                        $2.99 - Fresh bing cherries from Chile 1 lb. I didn't buy, but they looked ok.

                        $2.99 - Miller's hot dog grillers 10 oz. They look like they type with the casing. There were other varieties of Miller's as well. Five long hot dogs in the pack

                        $1.79 - Hormel Natural Choice uncured hard salami. I just like this one. They carriy it from time to time

                        $2.99 - Organic Arrowhead Mills creamy Valencia peanut butter - large jar 26 oz or 1.6 lbs

                        $1.49 - Newman's organic salsa

                        50 cents - Hunt's natural tomato paste

                        99 cents - Hunt's natural 6whole tomatoes large can

                        69 cents - Mason jar of Sweet Leaf peach lemonade using cane sugar. I was really tempted on this one but I'm trying to cut the sugar. It looked cool.

                        99 cents - Organic coffee beans 10 oz Marques de Pava. Would have given this a try but I hate grinding coffee at home

                        And ... if you want one last holiday blast

                        $1.99 - 1/2 gallon of some generic brand of egg nog that actually had decent ingrediants. It was sweetened with sugar, didn't overdo the preservatives. There was some corn syrup further down on the ingredient list, but it wasn't HFCS.

                        $1.99 - Big roll of slice and bake Pillsbury sugar cookies

                        $1.99 - Land O Lakes aerosol whipped cream - actually the best of the aerosol's

                        So ... and egg nog with a shot of whipped cream and some sugar cookies ... if you still need a little Christmas, right this very minute.

                        1. Stopped by the local Grocery Outlet,
                          they had a # Winemakers Red Haze red table wine NV, a 2004 Amador County
                          Clockspring Zinfandel and the 2006 Autumn Falls Dry Riesling. All at $3.99.
                          Will try and report. Has anyone else tried them?

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                          1. re: Bruce in SLO

                            The 3 Winemakers Red Haze is quite good, it need time to air. Interesting blend and
                            full bodied.

                          2. Yesterday at Berkeley Grocery Outlet found a few interesting things:

                            -$1.79 for a box of 6 frozen 3 oz. bars of Helados Mexico Pepino Con Chile, popsicles made with fresh cucumber, sugar and chile powder. no fat. very, very tangy. made in the US;

                            - $2.49 for a 10 oz. frozen box of Ethnic Gourmet Gujarati Vegetable Curry, with veggies, tofu, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, coconut curry sauce over brown rice. according to the box,'a Gujarati dish, from the western state of India,' Ethnic Gourmet is a division of Hain Celestial. 16 grams of total fat per 10 oz. serving, haven't tried it yet but other than Sultan on O'Farrell, haven't seen Gujarati items on a menu;

                            - $1.69 for a frozen 1 pint carton of Soy Delicious Carob Peppermint dessert, no dairy, 1.5 total fat for 4 oz. serving, sweetened w/fruit juices, no sugar, with chicory root and carob. from Turtle Mountain of Eugene, OR. nice clean peppermint flavor, a little chalky compared to regular ice cream, but i like it and would buy it again and

                            - 50 cents for 3 - 1 oz. boxes of original Cracker Jack, caramel popcorn and peanuts.

                            they also had a soy caramel-flavored 'It's It'-type frozen dessert sandwich, no dairy, that's quite rich and for $5.99 fro 32 oz. deli package of Casual Gourment chicken and cheese (gouda?) meatballs. Also some Aidell's meatballs.

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                            1. re: zippo

                              Just an aside zippo. Some years ago I use to pick up food at Bombay on 9th and University for my Gujarati friend, who said they did what was for him home cooking. I don't know about now.

                              1. re: zippo

                                San Pablo

                                $1.49 - Oscar Meyer xxl premium beef franks (1 lb) six franks .. the long ones
                                $1.49 - Hydrox cookes ... for fans ... limited time return
                                99 cents - Oreo cakesters ... chocolate or white filling
                                99 cents - Nestle hot chocolate with marshmallow siix pack

                                Lots of popcorn deals around the store.

                                Thanks for reportong on those paletas, zippo. I was curious about them