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Jan 6, 2009 10:27 AM

January 2009 - Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

99 cents - Horizon organic reduced-fat cream cheese 8 oz
99 cents - Oscar Meyer cooked ham 6 oz
50 cents - Snack packs of Oceanspray craisins
$1.29 - Oscar Meyer bun-length hot dogs
$1.49 - Best Foods Mayo squeeze bottle 24 oz

Peter Pan peanut butter is avahilable for fans of that brand. Different sizes and different prices $1.99 - $2.49. There was also Adams organic peanut butter for a good price, but I forgot what that was.

Haven't tried them yet but I keep walking by and giving them the eye ... $1.79 box of frozen palettas ... rompompe with raisins and pepino con chile. The ingrediant list is pretty good.

There are these little blocks of cheese in wierd combos for 79 cents. The ingredient list is good, however, these are so not snacking cheeses.They are ok melted. The parm/swiss/cheddar was way better than whatever that other combo was.

Seems like Mother's cookies are holding that $1.49 price. Much better to pick up Health Valley's version of oreos at that same price which has better ingrediants like sugar instead of HFCS.

They are clearing out cherry chocolate Snackwells for 50 cents a box at San Pablo. Actually ok ... ya know ... New Year's resolution and all ... though I guess I'll go back to splurging calories on something decadant instead of settling for any cheap sweet thing that crosses my path. I mean, Snackwells are Snackwells.

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  1. I saw the Mothers circus animals for 99 cents at Oakland. I also stocked up on Aidells red pepper and corn sausage ($2.99) and mac and cheese cheddar (Wisconsin extra sharp, aged 9 months -- they had 3, 6 and 9 so look carefully), 10 oz for $2.99. I can't remember what else I bought -- obviously nothing outstanding I had to run home and report. Still very low on butter and yogurt.

    1. At the San Pablo store they have Silk Soy yoghurt - Vanilla flavored. A quart for $1.49 IIRC.
      Pretty good .......

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Today, the San Pablo store had De Cecco Paccheri ($1.49) and Organic Spaghetti No. 12 ($0.99).

          1. You can never go wrong with Trader Joes, or the farmers market near the wharf. they always have great produce and they aren't that expensive!

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              What? Did you reply to the wrong post?

              What farmers market near the Wharf? I believe they went out of business quite a while ago.If it is not SF, where? Ferry Plaza is really not in the same class as Grocery Outlet, price wise or produce wise.

              I did a Dining $3 a day where I bought stuff at Ferry Plaza. However, I will concede that Ferry Plaza and GO aren't even in the same ballbark.

              Trader Joe's is fine for some things, but you won't get the same value for organics as Grocery Outlet.