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Jan 6, 2009 10:18 AM

Dining Blogs?

What are some good dining blogs out there? Anyone care to venture an opinion. I've seen the links and most of them are either published by a major newspaper/magazine or are... boring. Dining is a form of entertainment and lots of these guys don't really entertain, IMHO.


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  1. There are fellow Chowhounds who write some of your better New York blogs. I recall Nosher is one of the smarter and more insightful bloggers I've come across in the Tri-State area at The Girl Who Ate Everything competes for top honors with great photography, entertaining writing and a very wide scope of experiences, though the author does manage to find the porkiest tidbits in every meal: You should visit her site just for the links list alone, which is a catalog of some of the best food writing you'll find in the city.

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      I love The Girl Who Ate Everything. She's got a really quirky sense of humor and does some good eating throughout the city. Very entertaining read.

      Haven't really read Nosher's blog, but it certainly looks interesting.

      I also want to add Dave Cook's blog to the list. It's really succinct and to the point -- so the OP may not consider it very entertaining. But he scopes out some of the more esoteric NYC eateries like Mumbai Xpress where they've got an intriguing looking sandwich made of cilantro chutney, cheese, potato and onion.

    2. I like the Lunch Belle Fun, young take on the NYC dining scene...

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        I hate to be critical but that is perhaps one of the worst examples of food writing I have ever read. It's like Rachel Ray and the narrator from "Gossip Girl" got together and literarily spawned. Perhaps it's the English teacher in me, but the syntax and word choice alone make my eyes bleed. They actually refuse to read that prose. It combines the voice of every imported Sex-in-the-Cityite on the UES with the writing sensibilities honed by a life-time subscription to Tiger Beat. It's full of more clichés than a foamy foie gras tiramisu on sea urchin foam (e.g. "Watch your back, Clinton Street Baking Company...There's a new pancake sheriff in town!"). Maybe that's presumptuous, but creating a dictionary to define one's use of the words "'wave," "'rita" and "uber," not to mention trademarking the motto, "Changing the way the street eats," is equally presumptuous. Because scouring DailyCandy for dining tips is totally going to change the way the street eats! Unless that street is Flatbush Avenue, every trend-worshipper in this town has already been there!

        If you want original, grammatical and insightful writing, there's plenty out there. If you want to read writing that is as weirdly obsessed with overly descriptive architectural details as it is with avoiding Spell Check, then there's only one place to go. But why bother when you can just listen to every other beZaraed bobble head is cooing the same clichés from Buddakan to Toloache.

        1. re: JungMann

          agreed on the lunch belle, I just assumed she was 16....anyway, I like Ed Levines reviews on wish he had Bruni's job...

          1. re: JungMann

            Wait, so you don't like it?

            I'm a fan of Midtown Lunch, even though I'm almost never in midtown, & I make my own lunch.


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              sounds like you and "the lunch belle" had a bad break up. all jokes aside, you sure have quite a lot of negative things to say about a blog that you clearly keep up with (referencing quotes and minute details). after checking out the site for myself, it appears that "the lunch belle" has been published more than a handful of times. if it's good enough for the new york post, it's good enough for me. what i've read has been really entertaining and spot-on.

              1. re: JungMann

                The lunch belle is a mush-mouthed hack when it comes to detailing her dining experiences. Jung Mann's comparisons to Carrie Bradshaw-esque writing are apt and astute. Anyone who culls the dregs of language, using abbreviations like "guac" and "'rita" is neither a serious food critic nor writer.

                1. re: ClaireWalter

                  I was thinking NY yeah. I've checked out some of those up top. I like some and dislike others. I hate that I have to post this question twice. Once in the Manhattan section and once in the Outer Boroughs one. But I'd like to eat out in places that aren't necessarily easy to get to. As I said in the Outer Borough post, I'm partial to , who's has a heavy load of Queens places (though he, like everyone else, seems to focus on Manhattan). I definitely like The Girl Who Ate Everything. Not so much The Strong Buzz or Lifestyle of a Yuppie. Lunch Belle I could take or leave.