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Rubs and sauces for smoked ribs

I am smoking some ribs this weekend, and I am looking for a place in toronto to buy rubs and sauces. My usual supplier is from the US, and it is too late for the order to arrive by Friday night.

Any good suggestions out there? I have a true offset smoker, therefore I am not looking for imitation smoke type products. I am just looking for good rubs and sauces for pork ribs.

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  1. Bruno's has a variety, but I've never used any of them.

    1. Buster Rhino's has been mentioned several times here. I've never tried their products so I can't comment on the quality, although others here have responded favorably to them. The owner is also a poster here.


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        I've used Buster Rhino's rubs for the last year or so, I totally recommend their butt rub, I found their rib rub a little sweet. If you call ahead they can sell it in bulk for around $7 per kg (at least that's what it was the last time I bought it). Sure beats the $7-$10 per bottle you'll pay for US rubs at a BBQ specialty store....... Their bottles of rub are around $3 if you only need a small quantity.

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          Are Buster Rhino's rubs available anywhere in Toronto? Their website doesn't show any retail locations in the GTA.

          Have you tried their barbecue sauces? Any good?

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            The Buster Rhino sauce seems to come into Costco every spring/summer. I prefer the basic sauce to any other brands I can buy, but they are all a bit sweet for my taste.
            As for dry rubs, I wouldn't mind driving to Whitby for a kilo at $7, and picking up take out ribs and pulled pork from the counter, then driving to the lakefront .5 km away.

            Buster Rhino's
            2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

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              I couldn't figure this out from their website: So it is a restaurant, but with counter service only or is dine-in, as well? How's the food?

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                It is basically a take out counter with two or three tables. It's located in an industrial strip, close to 401. People coming in will pick up small orders, charcoal, or larger orders for commercial or catering use. I described the food that I have sampled in the link above. Other CH'ers have said they really like the ribs and pulled pork. Buster is easily accessible either behind the counter or from the large commercial kitchen in back.
                I like to take my take out meal two blocks south, left turn, to a wonderful bird sanctuary with woods and marsh. (Thickson's Woods)

      2. Try Williams-Sonoma. They have nice rubs. Even better....I picked up their book, "grilling essentials" & it has the best rubs you can make yourself at home. Memphis style Ribs, Creole Beef Back, Kansas City Ribs. All the rubs are really easy to make at home. Dry rub ingredients will cost under $7 from Bulk Barn. Wet rubs will be under $10 for all ingredients. I tried the Memphis ribs which required 3 hrs of smoking and I was impressed with the recipe for the rubs.

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          Sobies bar bq /gas grill store (not the grocery chain) , 162 Willowdale.. Also Grill Time on Laird

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            I have to second WS, even though its expensive, they are very good rubs. If that is too expensive for you, here is a recipe for the all purpose red rub from my fave place for BBQ, Dinosaur BBQ in New york state. http://www.recipezaar.com/All-Purpose...

          2. I agree with the posters who say you should make your own sauce and rub. You'll get much fresher, bigger flavours that way and can tailor it to suit your tastes precisely. After all a good cut of meat deserves fresh herbs and spices.

            However, if you wish to purchase you'll find that the Instant Caterer in the basement of the SLM has a fairly large selection. If you wish to go the homemade route, I'd be happy to point out a few helpful recipe websites and stores where you can get fresher than normal ingredients.

            1. Ted Reader's Bone Dust is a great rub for smoked ribs. It's available in some stores (I last saw it at Lou Riklis Hardware on Yonge), but the recipe is posted on his website, tedreader.com

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                Thanks for the recommendation, embee. Judging from your posts, you seem to know a lot about smoking (and smoked meat!), so I'll definitely give this a try.

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                  Ted Reader is a freakin' genius! Superbly decadent and yet somehow practical.

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                    I saw some small jars of Ted's sauces in Metro yesterday. One was Peach and Bourbon, and the nutrition label showed that it actually retained some vitamins!

                2. I have a bbq seasoning recipe I can pass along if you like. It has no salt or sugar in it. It's something I add as needed. That way I can use more or less without boosting the salt or sugar content.

                  If I had to buy a sauce up here I'd use the PC Smokin Chipotle (I think it's called that) sauce. It's easily my favourite up here. I like a nice thick, sugary, get sticky and goey when cooked sauce with a bit of a smokiness to it.

                  It can be a lot of fun making your own. Tweek here, tweek there.


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                    I'm sure many of us would like to see your rub. Is it mid-south or Texas based?

                    Here is Ted Reader's dry rub mentioned by embee. http://tedreader.com/view-recipe.php?...

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                      I would love to have it. Please pass it along.

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                          Thanks all, and I have taken your advice!

                          Went to Buster Rhinos and picked up rubs and sauces. At $7 per kilo that rub has to be the best value anywhere!

                          Went to William Sonoma, bought the book and some other interesting sauces. They have a bit of a sale on. I held back the plastic money, but boy that store is dangerous.

                          Went to Ontario Gas BBQ. Bought some charcoal and some other items. They are now selling a portable thermometer that will tell you not only the internal meat temperature, but the surrounding pit temperature. This is a big help if it works, because I'd rather be on the couch periodically looking at the pit temperature rather than always walking down to see it on the pit itself. Let's see how it works.

                          I will be working on my own rubs and sauces soon, but I am out of time. Got the family coming over Saturday, so I gotta get going on the ribs.

                          Finally, I have decided to smoke a prime rib. I have done it a couple of times and I am quite happy with the results.

                          1. re: peter2

                            That was a productive shop!
                            Depending on its size, your prime rib may be slow smoked in the danger zone (technically 40-140F) for several hours. It won't have the internal protection of salt, as, say, slow smoked ham or salmon. Perhaps you can let us know if you find some guidance, re micro-organisms and slow smoke, in a recipe, and how it turns out.

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                              Don't be too concerned about danger zone time, true pulled pork and brisket stay in the danger zone for very long periods of time as well. If you ensure that you purchase a good cut of beef from a reputable source you really should not run into issue with this. I have personally (and several dozen of my BBQ fanatic friends) cooked prime rib on smokers low and slow and never run into any issue. Thanks for dropping in and let me know how your prime rib turns out (my favourite smoked product)

                    2. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of peace, love and BBQ.

                      No need to ever buy rubs or sauces.

                      1. Folks, please post any recipes over on the Home Cooking board so other cooks can share. You're welcome to post a pointer on this thread if you do. Thanks!