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Jan 6, 2009 09:51 AM

Luke for Dinner..your thoughts?

I have gone through the previous threads and I realize there are mixed feelings about Luke. We will be in NO in April and are looking for casual spot for dinner on Thursday with good friends. Last year was Jaque Imos and that was fun but certainly not earth shattering from a food perspective, IMO. We will be hopefully 8 in party and we are lively, drinking, eating. maybe somewhat "loud, but courteous to those around us" group of 45 year olds......that love to have fun. Luke's location is perfect for us since we are staying on Magazine and will probably head to Frenchmen area after dinner and the menu looks really, really good. Let me know your thoughts, especially the locals........I was also considering Cochon but.....
Thanks. JCK

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  1. We have never had any but the best results @ Luke; food, atmosphere and service. The oysters are consistently top-drawer, the small plates and salads a joy, and the entrees and daily specials always please. They easily accommodate groups of your size (and larger) - let us know your thoughts if you go.

    1. Go to Luke
      start w/ some P&J's oysters, pâté of Louisiana rabbit and duck livers, and moules et frites

      finish w/the choucroute maison of housemade sausages and slow cooked Berkshire
      pork belly, cochon de lait, and knuckles

      if you want a burger: made of local Charolais beef, Allen Benton’s bacon,
      onions and Emmenthaler cheese with housemade fries

      or depending on which day, check out the daily specials.

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        Luke got off to a rocky start, but all reports confirm that it is where it needs to be.

      2. I took my out of towners for New Years Eve last week and had a great night. We opted not to get drinks outside of some wine as we were doing drinks afterwards at the Swizzle Stick. However, the corn and crab bisque, redfish meniere topped with lump crab and the vanilla cake were outstanding. 2 in my party had the burger which both said was one of the best they'd ever had. Were were one of the smaller parties in the joint and all tables big and small appeared to be getting taken care of nicely. One suggestion, get a table by the kitchen, as it was less in the line of traffic as the tables in the bar area.

        1. sorry, not a local, but we loved Luke when there last summer
          only caveat is that there is not much choice for vegetarians, and a good proportion of the meat dishes are a bit out there into non-traditional items - everybody needs to be pretty food adventurous or will be stuck with not so many choices

          1. Also not a local but have been to NOLA many times. Ate at Luke last spring. Food was very good, loved the pates! Service was only okay but food made up for it. Definitely planning to return there when next in NOLA.