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Sushi Roku, Gonpachi, or 1000 Cranes?

Husband's birthday is coming up, and I typically take him out for sushi, since he loves it, and I don't eat or make sushi myself. I've taken him to Hump and Hirozen in the past, both of which he loved. This time I've narrowed it down to Sushi Roku (WeHo), Gonpachi, and 1000 Cranes. Would love to get anyone's thoughts on which would be best, or if you can recommend any better places...

In terms of location, since it will be a weeknight (a Monday), we would like to stay within the confines of Beverly Hills to the west, downtown to the east, and the 101 & 10 freeways to the north and south. Do not want to go up on Ventura. I don't have any price limitations, especially since dinner is part of his birthday present. But he is not very adventurous, so I've crossed Urusawa off the list.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My answer: None of the above. But if I had to pick the least evil, then 1000 Cranes.

    If he's not too adventurous, try Hamasaku on Melrose or (a 2nd location) on Santa Monica Blvd. near Sepulveda.

    Good luck.

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      1000 Cranes was not good at all and expensive for the (lack of) quality. If you do go, definitely ask what's fresh and stick to those. Also found the ambience stale and a bit outdated even though it seems like it should be nicer.

      How about Ike in Hollywood? It's straightforward traditional sushi and not that advenventurous.

      Also, Monday is not a good day for sushi.

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        one caveat about Ike. I think they might pad their checks. I've been overcharged twice out of 6-7 times I've been there. The other times I wasn't paying close attention or I wasn't paying. Ask for an itemized check if you think the total seems higher than it should be.

    2. Have you ever taken him to Koi? It might be a good solution if you are looking for an upscale ambiance. The fresh made noodles at Gonpachi are worth going for but their sushi was definitely not memorable or very good.

      730 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

      1. Thanks. Hamasaku and Ike look interesting. I think Koi may be a bit too scene-y for us though (we recently went to the Hollywood Katsu-ya and were, in a word, annoyed).

        Why again is Monday bad for sushi - is that the last day for that week's fish? What day is best?

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          there's been some discussion on Monday sushi on various boards, but the general understanding is that the last fresh shipment of the week is on Saturday, so Sunday is probably still ok but Monday is bad. Sometimes even Tuesday is questionable since there may be leftovers. I don't work in the food industry so I don't know how accurate this information is, and if it's true for the LA market. In any case, I think much, is not all, fish is flash frozen when caught so there's no such thing as fresh fish... whatever. I just avoid Sundays and Mondays to be safe. I'm sure others can answer more definitively on fish shipments.

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            Tuesdays through Fridays are best.

          2. Unless you want omakase tempura, cross 1000 Cranes off your list. They went through a change in ownership last year and everything went downhill, except for the tempura. It's still a beautiful place, but the food and service will ruin the atmosphere.

            1. Hirozen might also work since it has cooked dishes in addition to sushi...

              1. Def. none of the above. Roku is some of the worst sushi in town.

                Hokusai in Bev Hills is excellent sushi, and sports a romantic ambiance.

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                  Sushi... Is that what they call that near-rancid meat they were serving at Hokusai on my last visit?

                  Avoid Hokusai.

                  As for Beverly Hills sushi: Try Sushi Sushi on Beverly (just north of Olympic).

                  1. re: J.L.

                    I didn't try the meat but the raw fish was divine.....

                2. Just wanted to report back. Thank you so much for your help. We went to Ike on a Saturday night.

                  We got there right at 5:30pm (maybe 5:32) when they opened and it was already half full. It had a very nice, relaxed, neighborhood feel. We sat next to another couple who apparently had been going there regularly for years, as in over 10 years.

                  We sat at the bar, and my husband had a ton of great sushi. I got a little made fun of (good-naturedly) for not being a fish-eater, and the sushi chef decided to create a couple pieces of sushi for me that used baked mushroom - it was excellent and a nice special touch. I also ate seaweed salad which was fine/pretty standard, and two servings of vegetable tempura which were awesome.

                  The service at the sushi bar was great and fast since the sushi chefs are right there and very attentive. It was a little hard for me though since I was ordering non-sushi off the menu - I had to flag people down constantly - but everyone was very nice. The tempura seemed to take forever to get done, perhaps non-sushi items are an afterthought for them.

                  I didn't get an itemized bill, but the overall total was still very reasonable, similar to when I took him to Hirozen a while back. My husband loved it and said we must go back.

                  Thank you again!

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                    Lisa - 1,000 atta girls for reporting back (500 would not have been enough). Rare and much appreciated by everyone on the LA board I'm sure. What was your check like for the food and drink and what else did you have that was non-sushi?

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                      For drinks, I had tea and he had 2 large beers. And really the only non-sushi was the seaweed salad, two mushroom "sushi" pieces, and two orders of vegetable tempura (I snacked on stuff at home later, though all the tempura was super-filling). I don't remember them having anything else non-fish on their menu.

                      My husband had a LOT of sushi. I can't remember the details, but the sushi chef seemed stunned when he realized that everything my husband ordered really was just for him and not me.

                      The grand total before tip was around $80.