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Jan 6, 2009 09:39 AM

Dinner near BCC, Inner Harbor?

I'm going to spend some time in Baltimore Convention Center on Thursday, and one of my vendors has offered to take me out for dinner at 'my choice'.

I'd like someplace very near BCC, but most of what I've read here indicates pretty dismal offerings in the Inner Harbor area.

I'd like someplace very casual, with a range of offerings including healthy seafood. Anyone have any favorites in the area to recommend?

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  1. "pretty dismal" I don't think that's fair at all.

    Right across the street is the Wharf Rat, which has higher end bar food, but tends to be crowded. Just West on Pratt is Pickles, which is more what you'd expect from a neighborhood bar, but the quality is still good.

    Bombay Cafe(Indian buffet), if they're still open for Dinner is ony a few blocks away, across Lombard from the Gallery.

    Then there's Cheesecake Factory, Pizzaria Unos, Paolo's, Capitol City Brewing Company, which are all in Harborplace, and all serve standard American cuisine..

    Across the street, and getting away from your "casual" request is Capitol Grille(Steak), and Fogo De Chao(brazilian Steakhouse) both of those places will require a reservation and proper attire.

    Just north and a little east of Harborplace on Market Place is whatever the Sushi pace is called this month, Lucille's(Cajun), and Babalu(Cuban). You're also a short cab ride from Little Italy and Fells Point.

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      Do you mean Blu Bambu or Blue Sea Grill? Hasn't Lucille's been gone and replaced by Mex for months now?

      1. re: BaltoPhilFood

        I haven't been to Market Pl. for a while, so it's entirely likely that my info is out of date.

    2. there is also a new restaurant by camden yards, frank & nic's west side grille. the food is really good. federal hill is super close to the convention center, and they have some good places to eat, including (in order of distance):

      metropolitan (american cuisine)
      nichiban (sushi)
      sobo cafe (eclectic comfort food)
      the dog pub (good personal pizzas)
      ryleigh's (great seafood and raw bar)
      wine market (which is a bit further but really tasty)

      1. Corks is a long walk or a very short taxi ride. Definitely 'houndworthy.