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Jan 6, 2009 09:38 AM

Whistler: Nagomi Sushi

We were in Whistler over Christmas. Hit the usual spots. But one new restaurant was absolutely a standout - Nagomi Sushi. Two former sushi chefs from Sachi. Great quality fish. Rice a bit cold on the nigiri, but hey, this is Whistler. We ended up going 2x.

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  1. Where is it located? We usually go to Sushi-Ya, which is okay at best, but convenient. We tried Sushi Village this time, and it was inferior to Sushi-Ya.

    1. I think this place is located at the base of the Chamois hotel where the thai place use to be. In the upper village near the chateau whistler. Sushi Village is my fav spot but maybe it's since I'm local and they know my fav cuts of tuna?