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Jan 6, 2009 09:32 AM

New York and/or Brooklyn made charcuterie!

Help! we are having a New York Finger Lake wine tasting party (stop guffawing - some of them are really good) early February and I would like to serve only New York made products. Many of the vendors at the greenmarket sell fresh sauages and I will serve some of those... but it be great to offer some cured meats as well! All ideas appreciated!

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  1. Marlow and Daughters just opened. It's a butcher shop in Williamsburg on Broadway. They have house-cured sausages, pates, rillettes, rillons, and duck confit.

    95 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - Williamsburg
    (718) 388-5700

    1. Esposito's Pork Store on Court St. in Carroll Gardens still cures some of its meats in house. Their sopressata is quite good.

      1. Second the Esposito's recommendation -- that sopressata is very nice. Los Paisanos has some house-made sausages too, including a really nice duck sausage that would go well with a NY Cab Franc.

        If you're also doing cheese, stop by Stinky Brooklyn -- they have a few delicious hudson valley cheeses that would go with your theme.

        Out of curiosity, where are you getting your wines from? I don't see many NY wines worth drinking around here and I'd love to try some good ones.

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          not about food, but some of the upstate Rieslings, including Konstantin Frank are very good and well priced. I dont know about red wines.

          Cheese might work better than meat for some of these wines - I think the aged Bloomsbury from Cato Corners farm, sold at GAP greenmarket is particularly delicious - they have some softer cheeses that are also excellent. CT not NY though. the Old Chatham sheepsmilk cheeses from the Hudson Valley are wonderful too -

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            My husband and I went on a Finger Lakes wine trip this past summer and bought close to 5 cases. We put aside a few for our tasting. Bridge Winery on Broadway in Williamsburg has a really good selection of NY Finger Lakes wines and his prices are not bad. They serve tasting flights and appetizers and it is a nice place (I wrote about them in an earlier post). Since they do not have a liquor license they cannot sell 'whole glasses'.

            You can also buy wines at Vintage in Manhattan but they have a weird deal with the vineyards and many of them do not want to sell their wines to them.

            The dry reislings are the best from upstate. The easiest one to find around here is Dr. Konstantin Frank, but there are others. I few good ones we tried were

            Herman Weimer
            Bully Hil

            I can get you a better list when my husband comes home.

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              Some more wines...

              Lamoreaux Landing
              Silver Thread (not Silverstone) - very good
              Standing Stone - some very good
              Shaw - very good
              Heron Hill on Seneca
              Herman J Wiemer - awesome wine - snotty tasting
              Villa Bellangelo - very good
              Dr. Frank - oldest
              Ravines - one of the best
              Frontenac - very good

              We are absolutely going to serve cheeses as well... I know the cheeses at the GAP Greenmarket well and plan to serve some of those as well as a few others. We want to mix it up a bit!

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                If you are going to the GAP market, Id walk down the hill to Blue Apron - they probably have some items which could fill in your table.

                I like the Herman Weimer wine Ive had - but "snotty" tasting???

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                  We really like Herman Weimer, but what I meant was it was the only place where the folks doing the tasting 'snotty', in other words stand offish. They did not want to answer questions and did not have any 'stories' to tell about their wine. Every other winery we went to the people were delightful.

                  We are aiming for Valentine's Day, restaurants are such a zoo and it would be nice to have a party instead of going out.

                  1. re: roux42

                    LOL - Im relieved - thot you were referring to the wine itself, not the winery!

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                  Wow, thanks. I'll definitely check these out. With regards to NY wines, I've only had Long Island wines, so it'll be fun to branch out.

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                    My husband I were thinking about visiting the Finger Lakes this fall. I would love to know where you stayed and which vineyards are worth visiting.

                    1. re: MrsT

                      The wineries we visted are listed above. We started in Ithaca (I had never been there) and we stayed in a cheesy motel there. We then started our wine tour spending two nights in a bed and breakfast in Watkins Glen called 'Sunset on Seneca". Really nice place, run by a really sweet couple. While leaving Ithaca we checked out the Gorges and in Watkins Glen we went to an amazing state park. While in Watkins Glen we went on a ferry ride of the Lake Seneca, another nice thing to do!

                      We ended our trip with a night in Letchworth State Park at the Glen Iris Inn. This place is not really in wine country but it is an amazing place with a great old style restaurant. The route we took was so we could wind up in Buffalo where my husband is from and spend time with his family.

                      We visited Cayuga, Seneca and Keuka (sp?). Google helped plan the trip and well as googling individual wineries and reading reviews on line.

                      My husband had a list of wineries to visit and we did not go to all of them. At each winery (and restaurant and antique store) we asked people where to eat and which wineries we should visit. People were very helpful and they all have there favorites. Most of the wineries we visited are available at the Bridge Winery in Williamsburg (yes I plugging it - we love that place).

                      It was a great experience!

                3. The Ridgewood Pork Store hands down. They make their own French and Romanian cured meats.

                  1. Salumeria Biellese in Chelsea makes great stuff.

                    Salumeria Biellese
                    376 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

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                      Just bought a bunch of stuff from them for a different get together this weekend. Yummy! ANd I bought some merguez for dinner tomorrow night.