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Jan 6, 2009 09:30 AM

Red Barn Pizza in Hartsdale - closed???

I am worried -- Red Barn Pizza, on the east side of Central Avenue just south of Hartsdale Four Corners, appears to be closed. The open sign is still on, but the place is dark and no one answers the phone. They made lovely, fresh, thin crust pizza (you could even get it made with whole wheat dough), and the topping ingredients were first rate. It was a real find. Anyone know the story?

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  1. I think they are always closed on Mondays - but I did notice that they were also closed on New Year's Day. I really hate to see another restaurant close on Central Avenue.

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      My DH went there Sunday evening around 6pm, after not being able to get through on the phone. In addition to the open sign and the lights out, he said he also saw a broken window. I will keep patrolling. When we were last there in mid-December they told us they had made progress on getting a permit for seating. I hope all is well. The family that runs it is so nice.

    2. I drove by The Barn at 11:00 AM this morning. For a place that opens at 11 AM it was rather dark and not a car in the lot.
      And yes, they are normally closed on Mondays.
      And that is the only sign in the window.
      Open sign was not on.

      1. OP, it seems that your fears are correct. Drove by at high noon and place was cold and dark.

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          This wasn't the place on Fenimore Rd., was it? Their pizza is/was good.

          1. re: dolores

            No, Central Park Avenue. Kind of near (opposite) the Hartsdale post office.

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              No Dolores, it is/was on Central Avenue. I am heartbroken. Such lovely pizza at such reasonable prices, and such pleasant folks running it! I don't know of any businesses on Fenimore Road -- or are you thinking of Hartsdale Avenue, which becomes Fenimore Road when it crosses over the Bronx River Parkway into Scarsdale?

              Is there anywhere else nearby that I can get thin-crust whole-wheat pizza?

              1. re: VFresser

                I guess I am, it's a pizza place just as you turn left from Central Ave. and was written up here.

                I'm sorry I never got to Red Barn.

                1. re: dolores

                  OK, now I know which one you are talking about. I'll have to try it out. It looks like a standard-issue pizzeria, so it never beckoned me, but what the heck. Still wish I could find whole-wheat pizza again -- ooh boy was that tasty, and it made me feel virtuous for eating it.

                  1. re: VFresser

                    Scarsdale Pizza Station does whole wheat pizza :-)

                    1. re: VFresser

                      Sad, Vfresser.

                      I was wondering why I never heard of it, and just found your other post which talked of them. They're only a year old, never got around to having tables, and are already a casualty of the area? How sad.

            2. It was inevitable, bad location, high rent and no tables. They were never really busy no matter what time of day. Unfortunately, he made the best pizza in the area. I hope he opens nearby, maybe Ardsley, where you can't get a consistently good pizza. They were very likable people and made the pizza exactly as you preferred.