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Jan 6, 2009 09:13 AM

Dim Sum in the City?

Can anyone recommend a good place for dim sum in DC? I've heard Tony Chen's is good. Any other recommendations?

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  1. Search the archives for the 10,000 other topics on this.

    Unfortunately, there isn't any good dim sum in the city. Get out to the burbs: Hollywood East Cafe (Wheaton), New Fortune (Gaithersburg), Oriental East (Silver Spring).

    1. I went to China Garden on Saturday (Jan 3rd) and it was pretty good! Better than Fortune but not as good as NYC sadly. It also has better decor than Fortune and better service.

      China Garden Restaurant
      1100 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

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      1. re: discojing

        When CG has its game on, it can be really good. Problem has been its inconsistency.

        1. re: dpan

          How does CG's dim sum compare to Mark's Duck House? I've pretty much given up on Fortune.

      2. DanielK is right if you search, "dim sum" there are dozens and dozens of threads on this. In the city Tony Chen's I've heard is alright. Outside of that you'll have to go to the burbs of DC. If you want really good dim sum hit up the ones Danielk mentioned. China Garden and Fortune are not very good IMHO, which sucks cause I live in Rosslyn.

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        1. re: chaofun

          I'm trying Good Fortune in Wheaton this Sunday. I'm nervous because a) I don't speak cantonese very well and b)I'm going with a few gui lohs (white people) so I don't know if that affects how good the service is.

          Has anyone eaten there an can give me some tips on how to still get great food without being fluent in the langauge?


          1. re: vru

            You're getting dim sum or ordering off the menu?

            If you're getting dim sum, it's all pre-made so you'll get whatever everyone else gets.

            1. re: vru

              Don't order all at once when the first carts approach you--they tend to think gui lohs want it fast. If it has shrimp in it there, it's probably good. The rice flour crepe with shrimp is nice there. If the line is bad, go across the street, where it's more organized and newer at Hollywood East on the Boulevard. You might consider that as a first choice unless the new guests might want to see the chaotic but nice multi-generational family aspect of the experience at Good Fortune.

              1. re: vru

                Speaking cantonese is an advantage if you aren't lucky enough to get something you want off the cart if it's a) popular, or b) not obviously being offered.

                Thus, you could request it and the waiter/waitress could get it for you. But, you could also try to request it in English, unless the waiter/waitress has no clue what you are asking for.

                In general, when I do dim sum, I get stuff off the cart, request dim sum, and also order noodle dishes from the kitchen.

                I would suggest you get there early and ask for a table close to the kitchen so you can get stuff hot and fresh as it comes out.