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Jan 6, 2009 09:00 AM

What's the best way to label containers for the freezer?

I put a lot of things in ziploc bags so labelling is easy. But if I use containers, what can I use that's removeable but won't detach spontaneously in the freezer? It seems like plain, old paper tape would come off once it was frozen. Thanks to all of you, I have SO much in my freezer now that my old brain can't remember what's in what. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. My mother uses little labels with adhesive on them. I sometimes use masking tape.

    1. I use Avery removable labels (address labels)

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      1. re: BeefeaterRocks

        I use the Avery removable address labels, too. During the holidays when I load up the freezer with cookie doughs and batters, I print off the labels with the finishing directions and stick it right on the container so I don't have to look up the recipe when I go for the final bake off (i.e. Gingerbread Cookies, Roll to 1/3" 375F x 7-9 min).

      2. I use basic Scotch tape and a permanent marker - stays on fine in the freezer.

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          I have done this for years. Works fine.

          1. Permanent marker/Sharpie
            (can be removed with rubbing alcohol when container is reused)

            I've used this on Ziplock bags, Mason Jars (metal lid), Rubbermaid, Ziplock containers, assorted take-away containers we've reused...on tupperware, it tends to seep in. Masking tape or Scotch tape are also options, as long as the container is complete dry and grease-free before applying the label (obvious, but easily forgotten when quickly filling and labeling).

            If the lid is clear, a label or slip of paper can be put on the underside of the lid so it won't peel off, but this only works for dry goods.