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Jan 6, 2009 08:57 AM

Do one-size-fits-all/most pot lids really work?

I have a couple of sauce pans and skillets that didn't come with lids or else they've been lost or damaged over the years. In catalogs I see "universal" type lids, large and small, designed to fit most/all pots. Do any of you have them and do they perform satisfactorily for you. Since I have plenty (read: too many) of others, I don't need a super tight seal but would like something better than using a lid that's WAY too big. Thanks.

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  1. Sure they work. Sometimes chefs simply use another pan inverted over the cooking pan to use as a lid. You can use a baking sheet if you want - anything can be used as a lid. These universal lids are better suited to a pan of course, and I think using a baking sheet is going overboard, but long story short, they work perfectly fine.

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      Yeah, the baking sheet always winds up bumping into other pots and pans. This only happens when I need all the burners cooking at once. Thanks. I hate to order or own doodads that don't doo the job :)

    2. We have one made of silicone. It is, to me, slightly annoying to work with because I'd prefer it to be rigid, but at least it really will fit a wide variety of stuff, including such things as skillets that didn't come with and weren't designed for lids, etc. And they actually will make a tight seal should you find that necessary sometimes. And it works in the oven and microwave. I'd say one of these is worth the several dollars, maybe 10 bucks, whatever they cost, despite being a little floppy. ;-)

      1. I got this generic one: . Works just fine ... you won't get an airtight seal, obviously, but to just cover a pan and keep the heat inside or the inside from boiling/splattering outside it's perfect.