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Jan 6, 2009 08:48 AM

Please Help ASAP: King's Cake in Queens?

It dawned on my this morning as I sent my little chowpup off to his Kindergarten Catholic school class, that it would be nice to surprise them with a King's Cake for the after-school program in honor of the Epiphany. I've made them before and am aware of the traditions
( don't worry I'll forewarn all the kids about the plastic baby or bean etc) but have no time at the present moment. Any clue where I could pick one up in Queens?

Many Thanks and Happy, Healthy New Year,
lisa antinore

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  1. I always love it when I can answer my own questions...started calling some bakeries in Jackson Heights, Corona etc...then remembered the amazingly nice owner of Cascon Cheesecake which is right in my neighborhood. Got Andy on the phone and he knew what I was talking about right away and said he'd make one especially for me by 4:30pm today. A nice yeasty, danish-y ring of purple, yellow, and green with a baby Jesus inside! I love to support local businesses and the folks at Cascon are awesome! Their sfingi d'San Giuseppe are spectacular too, just for the record, ( and I am Sicilian, so I know a thing or two about sfingi ;) ) and I didn't even think to try their struffoli this year ( we like them fried not baked which is tough sometimes...) Next Year. Yippee!!!!

    1. Wow! I'll admit the Rosca de Reyes [cake] looks pretty interesting if you Google it, but I know from experience that Cascon delivers a quality product just the same except [in all likelihood] in the "Italian" fashion. Hope the kids enjoyed it. : )

      Look -->

      1. Hi Lisa!
        Happy New Year!
        We've given up on Storks and now frequent Cascon for our cake/pastry needs.
        I do miss those jelly donuts from Storks though......
        All the best to you & your family,

        1. not that it matters since you have found a source, but its easy enough to throw a simple icing glaze and some yellow-green-purple sprinkles on a yeast cake - or for that matter color the icing the three colors before applying it.

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            The head baker is deathly ill which explains a lot of the inconsistencies at Stork's as of recent. I still get the cookies there though- they have not changed. Love the round disks of dark chocolate with thin almonds atop. And the triangles dipped in nuts....And the raspberry jam hearts....Yum.

            Jen- I thought about buying an Entenman's (YIKES!!) danish ring and re-painting it with some confects sugar and food coloring, but I was on a mission to BUY :)

            Andy did a super job for me. As good as any I've had in the Big Easy.

            Happy New Year,

            1. re: ZenFoodist

              More bad news?
              We're having a meeting tomorrow and my friends asked me to bring "those jelly donuts" that I would get from Storks. Called this morning to place an order for pick up tomorrow morning and the phone just kept ringing.
              Just called again and they said they should be open by Friday??

              1. re: johnk

                Not necessarily a replacement, but the jelly doughnuts at Peter Pan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, are quite tasty. (I've never had Storks', so I don't know if they're similar or a different beast altogether.)

          2. zen, i love cascon, andy rocks..great guy...i go there with my son alot and they love him there and they been doing his birthday cakes for several years now...not to mention thier baked goods are great. thier ruggulah is probably the best ive ever had....and i try it everywhere.

            u are in the area? same here..always going to eat out solo on my days off..holler if we need to do some food tour dining lol

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            1. re: chefjellynow

              Love Cascon, I live in the area too. Their cakes are always fresh. Nice to know so many people know Cascon.