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Jan 6, 2009 08:47 AM

A week on culinary bliss...where to next?

I went a bit nuts this past week and decided to eat my way through manhattan and indulge my culinary whims despite the cost and damage to my bank account.

First stop: Momofuku Ko. Strangely was able to get a reservation. Went solo and since much has been said about the various dishes on the board. I won't belabor the point but it was truly glorious and totally worth every penny. Chefs were surly, waitresses were pleasant and the food was spectacular. Personal favor: Pepper biscuit with chicarron, lamb belly and the delicious pasta dish. The famous frozen foie grass dish is just okay.

Next stop: Spotted Pig. The burger, the burger, the burger. Everything looked really good but couldn't pass it up. The accompanying fries were something else too. So good. If there are better burgers out there that doesn't involve standing in line for 2 hours. Please recommend.

Soccarat de Paella: Two visits to Soccarrat. The first for Tapas, the second for paella. The canelones were delicious, The calamari was just okay and the vegetables with Manchego was kinda yucky ( more of texture issue than flavor). The shrimp with garlic was good but that dish is pretty hard to mess up. Second visit: Paella de valenciana--pork rib, rabbit, snails, snow peas and asparagus- one word delicious. A little pricey. But the dish was quite good although the portion of meat added could have been more generous. Although the seafood paella looked very generous. Had the chocolate cake for dessert

Momofuku Noodle Bar: Of course had the pork buns. Also had the potato chips ($3), soo good and actually very resonable considering that Soccarat was trying to charge ($8) for their homemade potato chips. Also, had the mussels with chorizo. Soo delicious. The noodles as always were totally...meh.. a really overhyped item imho.

Anyway, the question to to other hounders is where to next? On my list.. El Faro, Dressler, the new pizza place by the old sullivan street.

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  1. Not sure anybody on CH has been hyping the ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar for ages...most reports have been that it's not worth it, but the other items are. If you want more ramen, why not try Ippudo next?

    1. Glad you are having fun!

      -- i went to El Faro years ago and thought the food was mediocre, even the setting is dark and atmospheric...

      -- other places to consider: Scarpetta, Ushi Wakamaru, Sushi Azabu, the suckling pig at Tia Pol, a dozen or more oysters at Grand Central Oyster Bar, some salt-baked squid from NY Noodletown, and the roasted chicken w/ preserved vegetables at Amazing 66...

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      1. re: Simon

        Skip El Faro. The food is mediocre at best, the seating is cramped and I'll be generous and call the service perfunctory, And since you have already had delicious paella, try one of the other suggestions like Scarpetta.

      2. Co is definitely on my list.
        Dressler is a personal favorite, but you should check out the OB board for other feedback on it. I haven't been to El Faro, but since you've tried Socarrat, I doubt you'd find better there.