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phx - budget friendly 2009 - bring on the specials!!

hi everyone,

given that everyone's predictions for the 2009 economy is all doom and gloom, i figured we could discuss good dining deals. every little bit helps, right? :D

so here's one of my new best deal favs -

maizie's on monday nite - $3 hamburger and fries and $10 bucks off all bottles of wine. cute neighborhood spot, good food, decent, fun wine, all at a wallet friendly price.

anyone else??

Maizies Cafe and Bistro
4750 N Central Ave #B1, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. dropping in a more detailed place link..

    Maizies Cafe and Bistro
    4750 N Central Ave #B1, Phoenix, AZ

    1. Wohoo I agree! ...Does anyone know if there's a way to make a 'stickie' note out of what are sure to be stellar results of this thread for easier viewing by our users? I use 'stickies' on other sites and it's a godsend compared to wading through page after page of results woven within narrative :-) Happy New Year!

      1. Although still not cheap, I love Roarking Fork's happy hour. For a upscale dining experience you can go sit at the bar have a delicious and filling meal with a cocktail or two for 60 dollars a couple by sharing a few appetizers and an entree. Happy Hour can be slightly crazy sometimes but in the summer they have happy hour all night every night and every Sunday they have happy hour all night too.

        Roaring Fork
        4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        1. Fine's Cellar is having half priced food on Monday nights.

          I haven't been myself for this promotion (yet), but we have dined there in the past and really enjoyed it.

          Fine's Cellar
          7051 E 5th Ave Ste M, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

          1. Roy's is offering a $35 3 course menu again
            Avanti (? -- I remember an Italian name/restaurant in Scottsdale that starts with an "a"...) is offering a $25 prix fix

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              Avanti is running an anniversary special, but is not in Scottsdale. Per the AZ Republic:

              The deal: Avanti is celebrating its 35th anniversary with $25 three-course meals throughout 2009. Choose from calamari, a salad or pasta for the first course, eggplant, salmon, chicken parmesan or veal for the entrée and homemade tiramisu, flan or chocolate mousse for dessert.
              Details: Available for lunch or dinner. 2728 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix. 602-956-0900.

              Avanti Restaurant-Distinction
              2728 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

              1. re: oryza

                I've been getting e-mails from Roy's, but because of prior commitments, have not really read them. Still, considering the influx of material, I'd *guess* that there are some "deals" there. Last visit, by me, was great, and if the menu is structured properly, cheaper, on top of their fare, is a great thing.

                Sorry that I have not read more closely there. I promise the board, that I WILL read my restaurant e-mail more closely.

                Now, for SW, the MGM Grand has been sending me about 3/day. I think that most are around lodging, but I know that some have pertained to their restaurants. We just do not have any trips to LV coming up, so I can these, without close reading either.


              2. Happy Hours are always a good place for deals. Some places with decent HR grub include:

                - Wildfish
                - McCormick & Schmick
                - Furio
                - Sapporo
                - Roaring Fork
                - Drift
                - Fenix
                - Cherryblossom
                - Cafe Boa
                - La Bocca
                - Rula Bula

                I'm sure I'm forgetting some - the side effect of happy hours!

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                1. re: tastyjon

                  tastyjon-have you tried any of the food at M&S? The only reports I've heard so far have been negative, but I'm still looking for a decent seafood spot. I've had some solid meals at several M&S-owned restaurants in other states, so just hoping...

                  1. re: crsin

                    I mentioned them more for their happy hour/bar specials, which aren't always seafood related but usually good grub for the price. If judging strictly on the merits of a seafood place, that's another thread (in fact, I'm pretty sure there's been a couple). The bar menu is 3-6 and 9-close M-F (@ the scottsdale one - others may vary).

                    1. re: tastyjon

                      We've had the cheeseburger ($1.95) and fish taco ($4.95) at M&S twice. Tasted good both times. Burger was 1/2lb cooked perfectly medium, well seasoned and smokey. It comes with fries that were very fresh. Fish in fish taco differs each time depending on, I'm guessing, what odd cuts they have. First time the fish was flaky and very delish - might have been Chiliean sea bass. Last time was salmon - not as great but still good for the price. Only catch is you have to spend at least $2.95 on drinks per person. We had Arnold Palmers for $3.50 - made with lemons squeezed to order and fruity iced tea. Another plus is they serve until 11pm which is great b/c we usually leave work at 9:30pm the earliest.

                  2. re: tastyjon

                    I'd like to amend this. We went to Wildfish tonight and they've changed a bit. The happy hour deals are now much more limited.... about 6 items out 20 are part of the deal, and the bev deals are a dollar off, not half. In short, they are still a good place but I would remove them from the list of local places with wallet-friendly eats. 2 bevs and a half price app will run about $25 per person.

                    1. re: tastyjon

                      Have not dined there, but I find this curious. I would have thought almost the opposite might occur. Maybe it's the "Season," so they amend things in the other direction to get the snow birds, while the "gettin' is good?"

                      It will be interesting to see how things develop. I cannot imagine that the US will attain any sort of turnaround, until at least 3Qtr '09, if then.

                      I think that the survivors will find ways to roll with the punches, even if that means less for the stockholders in the short-term.

                      It will be an interesting time for all. Hope that the really good find a way to survive.


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        When we went on Fri. I though the same - it looked empty from the outside. Not a single diner on the patio, even though it was a nice night and they had heaters ready.

                        But inside was absolutley packed. Every seat in the house taken at 6 p.m. and others waiting by the bar. I would guess that they are doing quite well, though I don't know their balance sheet. My take is that they were generous when launching and no longer need to discount their margins. The business side of me totally respects this, though the bargain side of me is kicking dirt.

                        And as much as the economy has weighed on convectional thought, it seems that some places are sill packing in regulars whereas others are hurting.

                        From what I've learned, there are 7 key factors that make a place work or not, and the places that have survived every storm have been pretty good at most of these factors.

                        1. re: tastyjon

                          Thanks for the insight.

                          Please share your "7 Factors." I'd love to read your take on staying in business.


                  3. Correct if I'm wrong, but last time I was at Humble Pie I noticed them advertising something like 1/2 off pizzas on Tuesdays (not sure if any particular time constraints). They also have daily happy hour until 6PM and their "Wine Mondays" (1/2 off certain bottles)

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                    1. re: crsin

                      1/2 off pizza at HP was only for last Tuesday in celebration of their one year anniversary.

                      1. re: heleny

                        ah, okay, thanks for clarifying. I just recalled walking in and noticing a sign on the door with the words "Tuesday" and "half-off pizza" jumping out at me. Too bad it's not a regular thing.

                    2. Kai is offering a special 3 course prix fixe menu right now for $59. It's a good deal if you like the offering but there is no choice with it which is kind of a bummer(well I think it is since I wouldn't order the tenderloin or the fry bread myself). From their website:

                      "Kai, the signature restaurant at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, is aware of our current economic worries and is rewarding its patrons with a prix-fixe "Kai Cares" menu. The "Kai Cares" three course prix-fixe menu offers guests an affordable dining experience that features the restaurant's long-standing and most popular signature items: Lettuces Hand Picked by Local Farmers and Children of Gila Crossing School, Grilled Tenderloin of Buffalo from the Cheyenne River Tribe and for dessert, Traditional Fry Bread from the Teachings of the Elders. All three dishes, as well as the many intermezzo courses that come standard at Kai, are offered at $59 per person. This is of great savings to the customer and offers an incentive to try the Valley's highest rated restaurant."

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                      1. re: ziggylu

                        Sassi is offering a nice 'winter'ey inspired 3 course dinner for $35

                      2. There is another, non-geocentric thread about similar:

                        Some of that is worth a read. While the dining climate in PHX is different in many respects, there are some interesting thoughts on "speicals," etc. in the industry.


                        1. Shamrock Foods, is trying to help local restauranteurs fight through the downturn by compiling coupon specials into a very easily searchable web page, called Dine4AZ.com. You can search by city, region, or zip code. If I put in my zip, I get coupons for 20% of breakfast bill at Morning Glory Cafe or 1/2 off a bottle of Arizona wine at Quiessence -- so these are not junk specials, these are useful and desirable offers.

                          Link here:

                          I hope people find this useful, it's a good page to check before heading out for the eveining. Also, it feels good to help our hometown businesses and farmers.

                          6106 S 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042

                          Morning Glory Cafe
                          6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

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                          1. re: themis

                            Fleming's DC ranch have a happy hour with apps / wines / cocktails. Plus a burger for $6.

                            In costco they also have $100 Fleming's gift cert for sale at $80. You can combine the two offers so thats pretty cheap. Easy to screw all your good work up and order a $50 steak though so be careful ;-)