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Jan 6, 2009 08:43 AM

They have food?

I heard the Brookings Institute on Massachusetts has a good cafeteria open to the public?

Is this true? Any other hidden food options in DC?

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  1. The NGA underground cafe is alright, as cafeterias go. The one they had in the East Wing was pure hell, though. Saints Paradise also serves some good hot soul food.

    The National Geographic cafeteria was good, but I haven't been in years.

    And the hand carved roast at Atrium Cafe is one of the few decent food places in Southwest.

    1. The NEA Cafeteria is really good! Not sure how open to the public it is but I've had lunch meetings there a number of times and have always been satisfied with my meals.

      Also Cups up on the Hill (Senate side) has some good sandwiches (and coffee, especially the mochas). I got an excellent mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto panini on ciabatta. Delicious and cheap! Years ago as an intern I was addicted to the mac and cheese in the Dirksen cafeteria. It can be quite oily but its a guilty pleasure. Everything there is SO cheap!

      1. NRA in virginia has the best caesar salad. no joke. and it's cheap

        1. The seminary on Massachusetts, just past AU. They have an all-you-can eat lunch for 7 bucks or so. I used to work up there and my coworkers would go and gorge themselves on homemade southern-style banana pudding.

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     4500 Massachusets Ave NW....between American University and the old Garfinkles site (Mass & 49) ? across from the Washington College of Law ALL WEST of the National Cathedral

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                Exactly. Thanks for finding the Web site!

            2. World Bank. You need to be taken by an employee I think (that was how I got in). But they have a cafeteria with food stations from different cuisines (latin american, south asian, etc). Very very good.

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                Yes, really good but you need to get an ID to enter the building.