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Whole Foods Nashua?

Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Nashua NH is still happening? I am dying for someplace like that here. Anything like Wilson Farms, Idlye or whole foods. I have been to the Wilson Farms in NH but it is nothing like the other one.

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  1. I hate to break the news, but it looks like it's now off the list of "Stores in Development" on their website.

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      I'm sure the economy has killed the shopping mall that it was supposed to be part of.

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        Yeah I'm still depressed over this. They should've picked up the old Shaw's site on the DW while it was still there. I heard that they were looking at sites in Bedford but nothing recently.

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          With the number of retail vacancies on the DW Highway now ( with more surely to come ) the demand for new, expensive retail space has probably plummeted even more so - this article is from July .

      2. I don't think it's the economy (on their website they have many shops due to open) or the demographic need (Philbrick's in Portsmouth does a booming business). I think the reason NH doesn't have a Whole Foods is due to NH's restrictive liquor laws.

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          Legislation was recently introduced to allow grocery stores to carry spirits, in addition to wine and beer. Let's see where that goes.

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            Well, there's always the WF in Bedford Mass--about 20 minutes south of Nashua.

        2. Bummer!!! I have no clue why NH doesn't have anything good like that!

          1. From today's Nashua Telegraph: Whole Foods won't open in Nashua:


            1. To offer a slightly contrarian view ...

              I'm at a loss as to what exactly a Whole Foods would bring to Nashua that we don't already have. Produce arranged with the precision of a tile floor? Nine-dollar tubes of organic licorice toothpaste? More cheeses than there are people in Nashua?

              Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate WF's appeal. For pure spectacle, few things can set a foodie's heart aflutter in quite the same way. But having had to actually shop at a WF for three years when I lived in Center City Philadelphia (because there was nothing else feasible even remotely nearby), I'm generally thrilled not to have to drop wads of cash there anymore.

              Yes, once in a blue moon I'll need some obscure ingredient that can't be found at Hannaford ... and I'll hightail it to WF. (The most recent, a few months back, was harissa. Seitan has also confounded me.) But we really have some VERY good supermarkets in Nashua these days. People elsewhere have it a LOT worse (see: Philadelphia).

              So ... please enlighten me on what exactly we are missing. :-)

              (Awaits onslaught of rotten heirloom tomatoes!)

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                Where can you find celery root in the Nashua area? None of the supermarkets in Milford carry it, although Stop & Shop in Milford once did. The problem with all the supermarkets here is that one cannot reliably find everything one needs, using fresh tarragon as just one example.

                I usually have an alternative recipe in mind, with a list of needed items when I go shopping - because without Whole Foods, you can't always get what you want.

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                  “So ... please enlighten me on what exactly we are missing. :-)”

                  Umm, I think what we’re missing in New Hampshire is a Whole Foods . . . that’s what this thread is about, isn’t it?

                  I agree that Whole Foods tends to be expensive for many things, but in a pinch, for a wonderful one-stop-shopping experience, Whole Foods cannot be beat. To say that Nashua has a lot of wonderful supermarkets is naive. Who has the time to drive to all those places (especially in Nashua)? I can also name a number of products available at Whole Foods exclusively, that no other market carries for a much better price. Their spice blends are excellent. And the cheese department?—come on what’s comparable?

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                    I'd love to get a Whole Foods in the Nashua area, but at least we have a Trader Joe's (just over the border anyway).

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                      Pea tendrils! Skate! Livarot! Shad roe!

                      1. re: whs

                        Whole Foods is certainly a step up. But Wegmans is the piece de resistance

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                          Wegmans is the bomb lol. Whole foods second Stop and Shop usually a toilet.

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                        Sometimes you can get what you want - in this case at the Stop & Shop in Bedford.

                        We were able to find fresh game hens, fresh tarragon (which we didn't buy), celery root and a shoulder veal roast.

                        This weekend we were able to make Baby Chicken with Calvados and Cream, Apple-Rice Pudding with Meringue, Celeri Remoulade and a Braised Veal Roast with Rosemary.

                        But I think we lucked out with our finds.

                      3. So in the same vain as Whole Foods shopping, where do you all go (if you go) to get organic groceries? Produce, meat, etc. I usually shop at Hannaford and was surprised to find that they don't have organic chicken.

                        1. So Whole Foods has 4 stores in development in Fairfield County alone (Connecticut). Three stores in development in HAWAII, 21 store in California (3 of those in San Francisco alone), so what the heck is wrong with New Hampshire?? I think what is wrong is that NH is a state that lacks their specific demographic (and I'm not specifying those who post to Chowhound).

                          It's that pickup truck driver that cuts you off every day. It's why the all-you-can-eat buffets are always crowded. It's average American people, who don't give a crap what bok choy is, just gimme another slice of that rotten pizza cause it's cheap and they deliver and I don't know any better demographic.

                          I'm going to bet that Nashua is not the only place in New Hampshire Whole Foods has considered over the past year or so, but I find it amazing the amount of stores they have in development: 19 already in Mass (most in and around Boston) with 2 more on the way . . . NH?? forget about it.

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                            I just reread my above post, my was I having an OFF day! I just looked again at the "stores in development" area of the WF website and NH is no longer listed.

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                              yah it's a shame, but WF is just another corporate entity looking at the bottom line and crunching profits...I guess we don't eat enough pea tendrils and shad roe in NH to make them profitable. Plus their CEO is a jerk.

                              1. re: whs

                                If only the economy had tanked a year or two later .

                                I always thought Bedford NH would be a good spot for them, but perhaps there aren't enough people from their target demographic who live within a reasonable driving distance, I don't know.

                                Also, WF isn't growing like it used to a few years go. And opening new stores is not only cash intensive, but somewhat risky from a profit standpoint . Without a brand new shopping center, there aren't a ton of prime locations in Nashua that I can think of that they may feel like rolling the dice on. Poor real estate can kill a store's chances of success.

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                                  I don't think it was a matter of Nashua not being good enough. It was just that the lifestyle center that it was supposed to go in is pretty much dead. I know they were talking about it in the plans they had to redo the Bedford Mall. It will be tough to find another good location in Nashua though. I always thought they should've snatched the site where the Shaw's used to be that is now Lowes but it's too late now.