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Jan 6, 2009 08:06 AM

Sausage casings online?

I just moved to Calgary from San Francisco. Yes, its cold, but we needed to be around family and sixteen years on temporary visas gets a little depressing. The butcher shops are actually a bright spot - I found foie gras lobes just sitting in the freezer case at Bon Ton for a price about the same as what I saw in SF in specialty shops.

Anyway, I used to order sausage casings from Cabellas or a company in Chicago (and of course I couldn't move my supply up here) to make boudin blanc and weisswurst and the like. I can get them in the short term from various butchers here in Calgary, but I'd like to order a variety in semi-bulk without having to pay for duty. Where can I order sausage casings online in Canada?

I've looked through Google and Yahoo with no luck - there's lots of bulk companies like Unipac, but they don't sell online and I'm doubtful they'd sell me a couple of boxes.


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  1. Here are two:

    I prefer the former.

    Happy stuffing!

    1. Cabellas, like the outfitter?!? I live at Lake Taho and they recently opened in Reno. I make bulk sausage but haven't messed with casings cause it wasn't easily obtainable. Do they store? I only make about 6# of sausage at a time. I know this doesn't answer YOUR question :) but it might help me :) :) TIA.

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        Cabellas used to sell casings, but when I looked a few months ago they'd stopped. You may be able to get them from the Reno store, though.

      2. Whoops, "in Canada" was something I missed.

        My apologies.

        1. How about these guys in BC -
          There is not a lot of detail in the descriptions but judging by the pricing it looks like what you might get from Cabella's.

          Curiosity question:
          How much casing do you consider to be semi-bulk?

          Follow-up question:
          Wouldn't one of the butchers bring in casing in sufficient quantity if you ordered ahead of time? Or is it a question of what they would end up charging you?

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            halfords or if you have a computer(ya i know nobody does) .these guys are up on 2011 39 ave ne.they will give ya what ya need.ctf on 52 se might be an option as well.hope that helps

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              Halford's looks great. I'll drive over and take a look at what they've got. Thanks.

            2. haven'tdealt with either of them



              At stuffers go to recipes they have a large pdf file of recipes