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Breakfast in... Verdun?

Maybe this is a totally dumb question, given that Verdun isn't exactly on the list of hotspots in Montreal, but why is it that I can't seem to get a decent breakfast here? I've tried two neighbourhood spots, mostly wanting to find a decent place I could walk to, rather than schlepping out to the Plateau/downtown/NDG/wherever, and they were both terrible. (You can read the whole story on my blog, if you're curious: http://shoestringmontreal.wordpress.c...


A couple of people have recommended Rex Pizza for breakfast, to which my initial response is "WTF? Pizza for breakfast?" Is this place actually any good, and do they serve breakfast foods or what?

Any other Verdun rec's would also be appreciated!

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  1. I had luck on Hickson, I believe the place is called Garaga. I can't remember the exact intersection but if you head east on Rue Cool and then turn South on Hickson, it's only a few blocks. They have a nice terrase and the food was decent.

    Hope this helps,


    1. Well, it may not be a hotspot yet, but it sure seems to be an up-and-coming hotspot! I know a few folks who live there and I'll try to ask them first-hand about breakfast reccos soon. In the meantime, have you seen this Gazette piece from last fall about cool places to eat/shop in Verdun?

      The rise of Verdun

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        Asked a Verduner (Verdunite?) friend for recs and she strongly recommended a diner called La Belle (on Verdun and De L'Eglise), as well as Garage (Hickson near Wellington), and failing that, she also mentioned a retro-sounding crepe place kitty-corner to Garage. Good luck!

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          La Belle is short for the fast-food chain La Belle Province. They do standard greasy-spoon brekkie, good for hangovers :)

      2. Recently ran across a "what I love about Verdun"-type interview with Louis-François Marcotte (chef/owner of Simpléchic and Le Local) in which he mentioned two possible candidates: Lefebvre & Filles Bouchées de Bonheur (3539 Lasalle, 514 766-3564) and Bao Bab (4800 Wellington, 514 509-1334). You'd want to call and ask about hours and food, though. There's also L'Art du Pain (3729 Wellington, 514 227-2425) for what sounds to be a bread/pastry and tea/coffee style breakfast.

        Edit: Just found the interview www.voir.ca/publishing/article.aspx?z...

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          Hmm. I've been to Baobab, but they are mostly just a café--some sandwiches were available, but there wasn't a huge selection, and definitely no breakfast unless you're just looking to grab a muffin. The coffee is tasty but pricey; I think it may all be Fair Trade. I'll try your other suggestions, though, thanks!

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            Unfortunately, L'art du pain is long gone. I was addicted to their croissants and their algerian (?) almond pastries. And i don't usually even like almond pastries.

            If anyone knows where the owner/baker is, I beg you let us know. those croissants were amazing.

          2. Having just moved to Verdun, I was asking myself the same question..
            I tried La Terasse and thought it was OK.. my gf's omelette was made with Velveeta (not good) and my bacon tasted kind of funny. We were amazed to see that everybody in the restaurant seemed to know eachother.. not sure I'll go back there..
            Then we tried Crescendo on the corner of Lasalle and Desmarchais. We loved it! They have a nice very nice terrasse (be ready to wait for a table) and the food and service were excellent!! Of course you pay a bit extra than your usual diner.. probably due to the cool location, but it's well worth it!

            1. I really like the Nu Art café, 3780 Wellington. Friendly, with changing local art on the walls, a funky decor and a lot of delicious breakfast choices every week-end. They have interesting combinations, crepes, omelettes, etc. There's a little terrace, great for sunny days. I always find that we carry a smell of fried potatoes when we leave, but it doesn't stop us from going back!

              The rest of the menu has a lot of vegeterian options, and tarot readings some evenings. A cool place!

              1. I've been to Rex Pizza a couple of times and have been very satisfied. And the prices are alright. The brunch special is a great value (2 eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, potatoes, toast, 1 french toast, 1 pancake, fruit, coffee = $5.99). The people who run the place are also very nice.

                1. My favorite place isn't in the heart of Verdun but is very close. Quoi De N’Oeuf is a stones throw from Atwater market on rue Notre Dame. There is almost always a line up that extends onto the sidewalk, that should tell you something! Love love love it!!

                  1. There's some random spots here and there unfortunately some of them tend to close down. Besides Crescendo and Cafe Nuart there's a few places that do small breakfast, most of which mentioned below.

                    I found this map of brunch places and figured it could help, but the list is rather long so you need to look at page 2 to see the rest.


                    1. Not quite in Verdun but just a stone's throw away on Monk is a diner sterotypically called Lucky's. The place has your standard breakfast fare, but standouts are the incredible fruit plates (I don't know how they always serve such delicious, perfectly ripe fruit) and their hash, which is a tasty mix of sausage, bacon, carmelized onions, and potatoes.

                      Definitely worth checking out - I try to make it out there once a week, the place is so good!

                      1. There's an acadian place in verdun called Chez Jackie et France isolated from the usual resto district (wellington, verdun ave.) that I just returned from and it had a fantastic breakfast. I had two eggs over, bacon, sausage, potatoes, creton, toast, bottomless coffee and a crepe for 8$. A glass of orange juice - usually the most overpriced element of a montreal breakfast - was a bit bigger than usual and was a very reasonable 2$. Place is pretty packed on sunday, has a nice front terrace, but they seated 2 without any wait at all at 11:30am. Service was alright, food took a bit of time, but it was worth the wait. It helps to know a bit of french, since the menu is unilingual, but chances are the staff can manage english service. The decor isn't special exactly special (mostly photos of the acadian countryside) and the seating is on the cramped side, but i suppose that helps keeps the lineup short. I've only lived in verdun for about 3 months now, but so far this is the best breakfast i've had. The food is better than Zappy's, but Zappy's can manage larger groups better. People around us ordered fruit plates and eggs benedict that looked great from where we sat.

                        For those who live near or around verdun and feel the need to travel 40+ minutes to the plateau or ndg for breakfast, try this first.

                        Chez Jackie Et France
                        4609 Rue Bannantyne, Verdun, QC H4G1E4, CA

                        1. Verdun is certainly getting there. Chez Lulu B is my faveorite place for breakfast, with amazing coffee, omelettes, and crepes. The presentation is lovely, and it's always busy. It's on Hickson. For plain old simple breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns etc.) Woodland pizza is pretty good- there's no official breakfast menu but for a basic breakfast it's great and cheap. Crescendo is OK. I've never been wowed but they serve the juice with garnish and there is tons of selection. It's pricier than the other two. Rex's is a greasy spoon. I'm veg and they cook the bacon on the same grill so I can't handle it- but's it's fine for what it is. Cafe Nu Art is really good food, but I can't get over the slow and surly service, the waitress on more than one occasion was just mean. If you are going as far out of Verdun as Notre Dame, I personally thing Quoi De N’Oeuf is WAY overrated and not that flavourful, especially for the line-up and I would forgo that for Midi 6.

                          Midi 6
                          3580 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H4C1P4, CA

                          Nu Art Cafe
                          3780 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G1V2, CA