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Jan 6, 2009 07:44 AM

GREAT but Affordable Sushi

I am looking for more great but affordable sushi places. I like to have sushi a few times a week but can't afford ushiwakamura, yasuda, sushi seki, and sasabune all the time. However, I rather not eat sushi if it is not really fresh and tasty. My local sushi placae was Mishima but they are not as good any more since they changed their sushi chef.

Any suggestions.

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  1. kanoyama can be expensive, but is also doable on the cheap, if you watch what you order.

    my old fave, sesumi, alas is no longer existent

    tenzan is ok

    1. Aki Sushi has an early bird special before 7.

      1. What are you ordering at Ushiwakamaru that is so expensive? The 10 piece set is pretty affordable, IIRC, at $40.

        Kanoyama is about in the same price range for the 8 piece nigiri "omakase" set + 1 roll. It's $31. But you would probably need to add on an appetizer or something to feel full, or at least a few other pieces of nigiri.

        What about Sushi Azabu's nigiri sets, 10 pieces for $30, 12 pieces for $40? Although I think their web site's prices might a bit outdated.

        Nori (2nd Ave and St Marks) has a similar "omakase" nigiri set. $30.

        I believe that Takahachi is also pretty good for the price, but I've never been.

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          We've been really happy dining at Ariyoshi on Broadway between 11th & 12th. We find the fish quality similar to Blue Ribbon. We also enjoy Soto and Ushiwakamaru, but not always the prices. We've tried Sushi Azabu, but weren't very wowed, although we liked the space.

          1. re: kathryn

            the $30 special at kanoyama also includes either miso soup or salad and ice cream

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              Kanoyama always costs me at least $80 a person but the fish is great. Nori is reasonable and fresh. Takahachi is good both on Ave A and in Tribeca but can get up into high numbers just order carefully they have good special rolls and such. on W4th St the jamaican sushi place is that Aki ? if it is it is reasonable and good fish some jamaican sushi dishes the chef is japanese and was a bigtime chef in jamaica. Hatsuhana order carefully again.

              1. re: kathryn

                i second nori's sushi sets... they even have a $1 per piece special with surprisingly high quality fish for the price...

              2. Third Takahachi, although I am only familiar with the East Village branch.

                1. hatsuhana
                  Lunch" three rolls for about 19"