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Jan 6, 2009 07:35 AM

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

I'm an out-of-town foodie (as in, I don't want to travel anywhere and waste an appetite on something that's not completely delicious), and my boyfriend wants to watch football playoffs on Saturday night. I'm not generally a fan of bar food. Is there anywhere with a creative menu (or just a REALLY delicious American Bar menu) with big TVs so we can both be satisfied? We're staying near Capitol Hill, but I'll travel anywhere within DC...


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  1. Plenty of good places in Baltimore have TVs in the bar area. If there is a TV in Baltimore on Saturday, you better believe they will be showing the Ravens game. Where are you?

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      DC...sorry, hadn't included that in the original post until I just edited it. Any DC ideas?

    2. I think cleveland park bar and grill has pretty good food. It is still "bar food", but I think they do it pretty well. They also have some really good pizzas. It's pretty far from cap hill though.

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        I second the rec for the pizzas at CP Bar & Grill. Although not "close" to Capitol Hill, it is on the Red Line, so no change of Metro is required if she's staying in the Hyatt or Washington Court or one of the other hotels on the north side of the Hill.

        But maybe a place with a really good beer list would suffice, like RFD?

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          They also used to have awesome sliders.

        2. You should go to Lola's also on the Hill (technically Eastern Market/Barrack's Row but its close). It's located on 8th St. I've had lunch there a number of times now (actually about to go pick up my turkey sandwich in a few minutes) and the food is really good....especially for bar food. They have a baja fish sandwich which is awesome. Their ceasar salad with grilled salmon is also yummy and a huge portion for not a huge price. They also have perfectly crispy fries. The place is small but comfortable.

          Plus all their flat screen tvs have decorative picture frames around them---classy ;)

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            Looks like Lola's is only open 'til 3, but I like your thinking. Any other suggestions?

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              Really? You should call and double check. They are a new restaurant and their website isn't 100% up-to-date (I noticed the menu).

          2. The Ugly Mug on Capitol Hill (SE 8th St) is probably your best bet in the city for the food/sports combo. Truly great mini-burgers (the chef wh started this rent at Matchbox came here next), mozzarella y carozza, steamed shrimp. Definitely worth a look-see.

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              i second this rec. it's close to where you're staying and even though you said you're not generally a fan of bar food, they do have a few interesting menu items. great sliders, good pizza, i know this is all bar food but if you go to their web site you'll see a few not so typical things to order. hope you enjoy washington!

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                Personally I think the service at the Ugly Mug can be very touch and go. The mini burgers are good though.

                I haven't been in the new Matchbox yet (on the same street as Ugly Mug). Do they have tvs? If so this would be your best bet foodwise in the area.

              2. Nellie's on 9th and U Street has great food.