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Jan 6, 2009 07:27 AM

Martin County/Treasure coast (and beyond!)

Hubbie and I are new to Palm City. Not sure how to weed out the chowish places from the nonchow. Best bet is to come to the local chowhounds!
We have no problem traveling for good food, and will probably be exploring up and down the coast. We enjoy a high end meal about every other week, price ranging upwards of $200 for 2 with apps, mains, shared dessert, and often wine. We also like less expensive local places, only work 3 days a week so lunch is something we like to do on our days off (great way to check out a more pricey place at better prices!). So far we have been using Publix, altho I was a bit disappointed to find frozen chicken in the meat case yesterday. Recieved Anthony Bourdains Les Halles cookbook for Christmas and Hubbie got Morimotos so we will either mail order or find a place for more exotic ingredients.

Here are our faves etc.

real Italian (and a decent pizza place)
great, fresh seafood (restaruant and/or market)
a good burger and steak place
Spanish tapas
authentic mexican/tex mex
specialty grocery, butcher, fishmonger
cheese shop
wine bars and coffee & tea cafes

Thanks in advance, can't wait to start chowin!

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  1. We're new to Jensen Beach and are also looking for recommendations.

    So far the places we've been to and enjoyed are 11 Maple, Claretta's, Brickwall, and Ian's Tropical Grill. The pizza at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is good and the locals all swear by Carmela's. The fish at the New England Seafood Company has not disappointed.

    It's worth the drive to Jupiter to enjoy either the Food Shack or Leftovers (the same owner). On the advise of friends we took a drive to Lake Worth and went to the popular John G's...definitely NOT worth the trip.

    I'd love to hear about any places you find.

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      You're right, Ian's and 11 Maple are both solid. We tried Anthony's this past weekend for the first time and we were pleased. We really like Carmela's and it can be tough to get in there during 'the season' but there's a reason why it's full most all of the time. Peter's Steakhouse (also in Jensen) is pretty good and their chopped salad is worth the trip. Love the Black Marlin for a nibble and drinks in downtown Stuart. The fish at New England Seafood Co. will never disappoint as it's simple food that's always done well. Dresa for Thai, Sushi and Asian fusion is also interesting. Heard 7 Orchids in Stuart is quite good but I haven't darkened that door just yet.

      There are choices....


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        Jan's Place in Jensen Beach for a great breakfast...

      2. Coutines's in Stuart (Dixie Highway) is the best most consistant continental res in Martin county Owner chef and wife in the front of the house. Riverwalk Cafe in old Stuart all ways a winner along with Flagler grille. & Orchids on Ocean Blvd is a winderfull Thai with a beautifull dinning room. Brink wall just down the street. Yopu can't go wrong with any of them.
        Fran 'n' Steins for hot dogs on Dixie great very casuel lunch

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          Love 11 Maple Street. Milam's grocery in Stuart is solid though not what it was under previous ownership. Harbor Bay Gourmet at Sewall's Point/Stuart is a good deli/wine store/restaurant and Renato's in the same complex has some decent Italian.

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            Husband and I have always loved Courtine's but made the (costly) mistake of having New Yr's Eve dinner there. Set menu of steak/lobster or sea bass and cold seafood appie, goat cheese/salad, sorbet, champagne, dessert. Lobster was rubbery as was sea bass. Big disappointment as we love this restaurant. Hoping this was an anomaly but just wanted to let everyone know.

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              I quit going out on New Years and Valentines. It became a cattle car operation at every place I went since the late 90's

          2. Welcome to Martin County! I'm a born and raised Stuart native, sushi-snob, and foodie. Here's a run-down of my top picks in your categories:

            •Hits: Good sushi is hard to find here. Kazu is my favorite in the area, and I've tried them all. Fugu Tai in South Stuart. In Jupiter, Nippon. In Palm Beach, I like Saito, Yu-Mi and SushiJoes.
            •Misses: I hate RA sushi. The tuna is like cat food.

            Real Italian (and a decent pizza place):
            •Hits: Claretta's, Casa Bella (but it has its off days), Carmela's for pizza, Luna's for garlic knots. PB: Cucina's on the island.
            •Misses: Olive Garden (obvi) and Gustos.

            Great, fresh seafood (restaurant and/or market) :
            •Hits: Riverwalk Cafe (THE BEST OYSTERS), Flagler Grill, Casual Dinner: Shrimpers, in PB: Food Shack (get the Tuna temp roll), Riverhouse, Carmine's, Sailfish on Singer Island. Lunch: New England Fish Market, The Seafood Stand on US1, Pelican Cafe,
            •Misses: Dolphin Bar. Black Marlin is pretentious. Some may disagree, but Brickwall is overrated. The food to me is uninspired and under seasoned. I only go there when Flagler is booked.

            A good burger and steak place:
            •Hits: Duffy’s or Carson's for the burger, Peter's or Flagler for the steak.

            •Hits: Thep Thai, in Miami/Sobe try Tap Tap, and Moon Thai
            •Misses: Basil Thai Garden- food illness alert!

            Spanish tapas
            •Hits: Ha! I wish we had that here, but we don't really. I know my tapas, and good ones are hard to come by. You could try 11 Maple (the menu changes monthly). In Jupiter/ PB try TuBazaar. In Miami, you MUST try Sra. Martinez (authentic Tortilla w/ aioli, Iberian jamon, sweetbreads…everything is excellent).

            Still searching for something decent

            Authentic mexican/tex mex
            •Hits: Key Lime Cafe is pretty good for lunch. I used to love Dos Amigos 5-10 years ago. It's okay now. I'd try Rosa Mexicana (a chain, I know) in PB, La Carreta and Versaille in Miami.

            Specialty grocery, butcher, fishmonger
            •Hits: New England for the fish, Sewall's Point for grocer, Carmine's or WholeFoods in PB.
            Cheese shop: Try Sewall's Point

            Wine bars and coffee & tea cafes
            •Hits: Coffee: Osceola Street Cafe. Pretty good for any meal, but a great place to grab a latte and a muffin. Tea: Lady Anne's Tea Room. Wine: Flagler has an excellent sommelier and extensive wine list, and Osceola Street Cafe has wine and open mic night.

            •Hits: Shakra’s Subs, The Ashley and the Breakers in PB for Sunday Brunch, and Kilwin’s for ice cream/dessert.

            *Kazu (for Stuart)
            *Benihana's (nice view, good for large groups)
            *Food Shack
            *11 Maple
            * Flagler Grill
            *Osceola Street Cafe

            Happy Eating!

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              Re: Rosa's Mexicana in PBG has closed

              Food Shack is excellent but his new resto called Moir's Leftovers is even better b/c it's in a new building in Abacoa.

              The Seafood Stand on US1 - are you talking about the weekend one in front of the Yankee Peddler/Juno Bait shop on US1? If so, it's always very fresh and prices are very good.

              Moirs Leftovers
              451 University Blvd, Jupiter, FL

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                wjhat Sewall's Point grocer and cheese shop are you referring to? Is it called Sewalls Point or is it in Sewalls Point?

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                  Harbour Bay Gourmet in Sewells Point used to have a very good selection of wine and cheese, but I haven't been in for a year or so. Just looking through the windows, It looks like they may have shifted their focus.

              2. In Palm City we just adore Bistro Madeleine, by Walgreen's on Martin Downs Blvd. Greasy-spoon French diner. Where all the judges go for breakfast, for good reason. (Go for a late breakfast/early lunch to avoid the crowds.)
                I like Sakura for sushi, they had a great lunch special. Been a few years since I've been in town so not sure if it's still there.
                Second Carmela's and Frank N Stein's.
                Have you been to Stuart Fine Foods yet? The Palm City location's worth a look, especially the fresh soup/salad bar.

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                  Closed. Apparently ownership and $ issues. Thanks to all, looking foward to sampling around. ;)

                  1. re: jme1beachbum

                    Which is closed? Bistro Madeleine? (I knew the owner went to prison but I heard the brother was running it) or Stuart Fine Foods?

                    1. re: Covert Ops

                      Stuart fine foods. All boarded up. If you google it, theres an article from the local paper.


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                        Milam's market, in the original Stuart Fine Foods location on A1A is pretty similar to its predecessor,

                        There is a good meat market in a shopping center on US 1, it's next to a high end linen place, maybe a Winn Dixie in the same center.

                        The fish market side of New England Fish Market in Jensen Beach is as nice a seafood retailer as I have ever seen.

                        I like Renato's and Courtines previously mentioned. Not so much Flagler grill or Casa Bella

                        1. re: sarge

                          Sorry to hear about the financial problems that the folks that ran Stuart Fine Foods are enduring. These are tough times and that's not good news.

                          I agree, the New England Fish Market is outstanding. We own a catering company and routinely order from them and they have never let us down. Courteous and professional. Their restaurant is rustic but they serve well-prepared seafood there. Their Grilled Mahi Greek Salad is outstanding and you couldn't find anything of that caliber anywhere.

                          Have to check out Renato's and Courtine's. Have heard nice things about both places. Not a big Flagler Grill fan. I think Flagler Grill is a good restaurnat but not the 5-star establishment their prices suggest. I've eaten there several times and service is iffy at best. On the flipside, I do enjoy their bar and like to stop in before hitting a show at the Lyric. We're big on Carmela's Wine Bar as we've been there dozens of times and with positive results.


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