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Jan 6, 2009 07:22 AM

Romantic dinner in Portland?

I'm coming to Portland with my boyfriend over Valentines Day and I want to take him somewhere special that also shows how great Portland is. We are both into food and I'd rather not pay exorbitant amounts, but around $40 pp (excluding wine) sounds doable.

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  1. to clarify, romantic and hip.. not romantic traditional... if that makes sense!

      1. re: MyNextMeal

        Caffe Mingo (or Bar Mingo next door)

      2. Sel Gris would be the answer, as I'm positive you could get away with $40/pp by sharing an app and maybe skipping dessert. Ten01 also, but again, these are restaurants where you're talking about $22+ for a dinner entree. Assuming those two are within your budget, I would definitely do that. Consider also Hiroshi, which isn't just sushi but also cooked Japanese food.

        Ten01 and Hiroshi are both in the Pearl, and Sel Gris is dressed up as if it were in the Pearl.

        1. I'm taking my boyfriend to Park Kitchen this week for a romantic birthday dinner. A friend recommended the $40/person chef's menu, which, as I understand it, includes four plates and each person gets different line up than their dining partner.

          Sounded like a steal. I'll let you know how it is!

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          1. re: katipdx

            That sounds neat! Please do let me know!!

          2. My favorite place for dinner in Portland is Tabla. They have a three course option for $24 that is a steal. Try the rabbit ragu with pappardelle. YUM.

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              I LOVE Tabla MB! Michael (the Sommelier) is brilliant with wine pairings and Synaca (chef) is a true talent. Tabla Tuesaday's is a must - for those who haven't been - 3 wines paired with 3 dishes a la carte. MMM.