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Jan 6, 2009 07:11 AM

what to do with over-sweet sparkling wine

I have a large bottle of too-sweet sparkling wine taking up space in my fridge. I'm hosting a 7pm gathering of about 10 women at my place on Saturday and thought that I could perhaps make a fun champagne-based punch-type drink that everyone would enjoy?

As mentioned, the champagne is very sweet, so I need a recipe that takes this into account and doesn't end up tasting terrible overall.
I live in Toronto, so it will be a cold-weather assembly, if this matters.
I would prefer something without too much more alcohol.

any suggestions?

I have looked at the posting about champagne cocktails below, but it is the sweet factor that has me nonplussed.

Thank you!

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  1. Is it a domestic, French, Italian, or??
    What's the size?
    Have you thought about food that might work with the sweetness of the wine?
    If you don't like it, what about giving it as a gift to someone who does?
    As far as Champagne cocktails, most of them are sweet, because they depend on fruits, juices, and sodas.
    What food are you thinking of serving, as this might help you with this wine.
    And, not to beat a dead horse, but if you don't like it, why serve it?

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    1. re: vickib

      It's an Italian- Martini Rossi. I bought it through a recommendation via this site. I bought two magnums- Opened 1 bottle and found it a little too sweet and nobody seemed to enjoy it that much (a lot of half empty glasses).
      I do hate to just throw it out, could not bring myself to give it to someone, and thought I could "dress it up" (or down as the case may be) by making it the base of a punch or cocktail.
      I would expect the champagne cocktail to be sweet, but was hoping to find a mix that would not heighten the sweetness?

      The food will be appetizer based- warm and cold. I was thinking of just having a punch or cocktails ready when my friends arrive really. something pretty to start things off.

    2. If you can get it up there, why not try sparkling pomegranate juice or blood orange soda?
      The tart in these juices may counterbalance the sweetness of the sparkler. I found to keep things lighter & bubbly, it's better to use other bubbly things rather than straight juices.
      On the other hand, you could try mixing it with tangerine juice and see what happens or you could serve something totally different.

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      1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

        I like the sparkling pomegranate juice idea- I'll get some fruit too and throw in a few seeds, perhaps.
        I'll have to the leave the igloo and hook up the dog sled, but I think I know somewhere that sells it ;-)

      2. You could use it instead of cava in a sparkling sangria (omitting the sugar, of course). This recipe -- -- is always a hit with my women friends, but there are plenty of others online.