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Jan 6, 2009 07:10 AM

Looking for good Italian bakeries for bread like Sarcones

Does anyone know of anyt other bakeries in Philadelphia that produce break like Sarcones? I can never get there before they sell out and have not been able to find anything like their rolls in my quest. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. There is no substitute for Sarcones, but Carangi's has great bread and stromboli. They make a round sliced loaf that makes the most perfect toast.

    Another decent bakery is New York Bakery on 11th Street. It's a small off the beaten path place, but our go-to bakery for large roll orders.

    1. They sell their bread to other retailers, I know this is NOT a complete list

      1. faragalli's (13th and reed) is close in flavor, but i would also recommend cacia's and ianelli's (between 8th and 9th on passyunk) for good italian bread. cacia's (16th? and ritner) is denser but delicious.

        i grew up and still live around the corner from sarcone's, and while they are my preference, my grandfather prefered cacia's (which i am sure was half of the reason he would pick my sister and me up from pre-school at st monica's) and ianelli's was always good in a pinch (still walking distance). most of the bread that you get in restaurants that you think is sarcone's is faragalli's....

        1. and carangi's is good too. meant to back lawgirl up on that one....

          1. does anyone know who bakes the bread sold at john's roast pork and govinda's? (i think it is the same bread) it is a sesame roll, and i love it.

            i can never seem to get to sarcone's early enough, either!

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                awesome, thank you! i've gotta make a trip down there. shame, that website says they used to be located right around the corner from me!!!

                i also need to give cacia's another try, which is in my neighborhood (second location). it's always empty! i went when they first opened and nothing grabbed my attention enough to remember it now, a couple years later... but to be fair i want to give them another try soon.

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                  If you are near the Northeast, Gino's Italian Bakery 7142 Frankford Ave in Mayfair. So good.

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                    just got a simple tomato/moz sandwich from cacia, on sesame bread... pretty darn good (tho still not sarcone's). i bought a plain loaf for some garlic bread tonight, looking forward to trying it out.