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Jan 6, 2009 06:32 AM

Dining near the Fillmore Detroit

Any recs for dinner close to theater? Please don't include Hockeytown or high end fine dining. Thanks

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  1. Angelina's Bistro is walking distance ( The websites a bit touristy, but the food is very good. Vincente's ( for cuban is also good. Further north in Midtown, I'd also recommend a brick oven pizzas at a tiny, tiny, but cool, microbrewery Motorcity Brewery (

    1. I like Vicente, but it can be noisy. If you have party of 4-5, try requesting the
      front/window seating area ... not private, but it should be a lot quieter.

      My only gripe is their very aggressive busboys. They asked each of our party,
      "Finished?" Each time the answer was, "No." They took the plate away

      We weren't slow diners that were camping at the table. When he grabbed my
      plate after, "No." I grabbed his wrist ... and asked for the manager. The
      manager was rather unhappy that I "touched" his busboy. He changed his
      tune when the Detective Sgt. in our party introduced himself. <g>

      We will go back, but we will guard our plates.