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Jan 6, 2009 06:27 AM

Cibus at NorthPark Mall

Just wanted to let you all know that the People that have Terverna have opened up a more upscale place in northpark mall. We ate there on Sat. night and it was just great. It is pretty big and has an outdoor patio which was great on Sat. night because of the awesome 80 degree weather . We sampled several dishes and everything we had was fantastic service was good and we loved the ambiance of the sort of sleek Italian bistro. I really felt like I was in Italy. If you love Traverna but hate the wait on week-ends check this place out it's really great.

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  1. I have eaten there a few times. I wouldn't say that I felt like I was in Italy when I ate there, but I was generally impressed with both the food and service. It was good enough that it is now where I eat before a movie. La Duni, across the hall, was not as impressive (despite being a fan of the other 2 locations). It is good to see Lombardi spending lots of time at Cibus, perhaps he can now that PescaBar closed.

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          Wow, I was just there Dec.29th. We had a party of 9 and were the only table there. I guess I would have had the foresight of a closing then if I hadn't drank so much wine beforehand at Cru;)

    1. I love Lombardi's other restaurants. Taverna is a favorite, but we went to Cibus and thought it was awful. Granted they haven't been open long (especially when we went), but the service was some of the worst I have received at a Dallas restaurant. I am sure it had a good amount to do with beginning kinks, but we are not planning on going back to find out. Stick with Taverna.

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        Your post is timely -- as reported above, I was a big fan of Cibus. But, I ate there last week and it was awful. The bread was stale, the pasta dish was luke warm, the salmon was overcooked, and the service was below what one would expect at any Lombardi restaurant. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night. Or, maybe it was becuase this was my first of 4 visits where someone from Lombardi's inner circle was not visible in the dining room. Regardless, I am hesistant to go back becuase although priced moderately, it is priced far too high for the type of food and service we recieved. Until next time, I retract my endorsement above and will not return until I hear from others that it has improved.

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          We went last week (and on a Sunday). The restaurant was packed all night and we had quite the opposite when it came to service. Ours was spot glass was never half empty and everyone at our table enjoyed their pasta dishes. My pasta was the one with the Duck Ragout which i enjoyed very much. You all must of had one bad waiter that is giving this place a bad name. I have also been there for lunch when it first opened and enjoyed that visit as well.

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            I also had a nice dinner there last Sunday too. Our server was very nice and hospitable. The foccacia was a little boring. I wont order it again. The bolognese sauce was pretty good. It could have been served warmer. The parmesan risotto was not very good. It tasted too much of butter and not enough of parmesan. It was a little dark in color too. I am looking foward to going back and trying some different dishes. I think it has potential.