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Jan 6, 2009 06:02 AM

The Wine Cellar on Mass Ave.

Who has been, and what did you think? I'm thinking of going on Valentine's Day.

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  1. If you mean Garden at the Cellar, I've been and think highly of it. Some people think the atmosphere / ambiance is lacking, but I find it perfectly fine. I do like to sit at the bar, though, and enjoy the bar menu (note you can order from either menu at the bar). Last visit I had a short rib mac n cheese that was awesome. Also, home-made tater tots. Yum.

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      I'm actually referring to the Fondue Place on Mass Ave. in Boston. Although now you have me thinking about short-rib mac n' cheese.

    2. I only have second hand info but my co-worker went and said he had a very nice meal there. He said the room was romantic. They got a cheese fondue, a meat fondue, and a dessert fondue. The meat ones sounded interesting as they have different broth options like one with wine and mushrooms and another soy based with scallions or something like that. Personally, I'm not a big fondue person but if you are already inquiring then its sounded like a good option.

      He said price-wise it wasn't a deal but was plenty of food. They also have something that he called a "circlette" but it sounded like raclette when he described it: baked cheese that you scrape off and put on bread. He didn't order it but the people next to him did and he said it smelled amazing.

      1. I found it to be overpriced for what you get. As far as being romantic for V-Day, the space is too small and you are on top of the other diners. it is not cozy. In addition, the small room stinks of boiling oil due to what seems like sub par ventilation/

        1. It's been years since I've been, but I thought the fondue was very expensive for what it was and they gouged ridiculously on wine.

          1. Went once and found it a poor experience. Very overpriced, small portions, and the fondue ingredients were not the freshest. Would not go again, myself.