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Jan 6, 2009 05:27 AM

Wilmington DE--excellent new supermarket option

Last night I went to the new Shop-Rite just south of the Christina River (Rte. 13) and I must say I am quite impressed. It is by far the best overall supermarket in the area, which granted is not saying a huge amount, but still enough for me to make it my first-choice store. The place is gigantic and spacious, with a very good produce section and an even better-supplied and very large meat section. In a happy suprise, the cheese options were much better than a standard supermarket, with lots of imported cheeses and a good spread of higher-class domestic options (Maytag blue cheese plus about 10 other kinds of blue cheese, for instance). There is an in-house bakery that makes some very nice artisanal-style breads. The Hispanic foods section was very well supplied, almost the entire length of an aisle with all sorts of good things, plus a decent spread of Hispanic dairy products.

Weak spots were the fish counter (no better than Pathmark) and the kosher section (distinctly worse than many other stores around, almost nothing there--where are the Manischewitz products??) I didn't go down the Asian foods aisle so cannot comment on that, but I suspect it is not great given the location and the fact that no mainstream store around would bother trying to compete with the Asian supermarkets in Elsmere and Newark.

Basically, this store is the one place in Wilmington that actually stocks everything I want to buy. I am thrilled that I no longer have to set foot in Janssen's to buy aged Gouda for my macaroni and cheese recipe (Shop-Rite had it!). I no longer have to make a side trip to buy good fresh bread, or Greek yogurt, or okra that isn't all old and speckled, etc. Yay! I hope everyone does patronize this store so that the product choices stay as good as they are now.

A big thank you to the Kenny family for no longer making me drive all the way up 202 to your other store in order to reach a really good supermarket!

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  1. Thanks for that info, I would never have thought of going to the new store without that input. Given the location I'm surprised at your findings.

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      I was pretty surprised too--after all, the closest supermarket in this neighborhood is the horrendous one in Adam's Mark Plaza. But this store is the real deal. I was amazed. That Maytag blue cheese was the clincher. Did I mention they had D'Artagnan meats, too? The real test is whether the product offering stays as good long-term as it is now. I plan to patronize the store religiously in order to try and make that happen.

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        Thanks for this report! One of my neighbors had good things to say about this new option and am excited about not having to go up to 202 to shop. But the market at Adams Four was recently renovated and expanded (into the space where the Rite Aid used to be) and rebranded to The Fresh Grocer. It is a little bit more expensive than the 202 stores, but there is a much better selection of groceries and produce there now. I can even run down there to get a few things rather than drive out to 202 now. It is great to have options in the city now!

    2. I visited the new Wilmington Waterfront Area Shop Rite today. Incredible inventory and selections! I really hope they can sustain the operation. Seeing all the foods today and the limited number of patrons on a nice Saturday afternoon, I'm worried. I highly encourage anyone food shopping in the Wilmington area to visit and support this market, the best I"ve found!!

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        I tend to go to this store after work (since I work downtown) and it is quite well populated at that hour. I think a lot of people that work in the city and live to the south are stopping there on their way out. I'm still very happy with the Shop-Rite, three months after first going there--the inventory doesn't seem to have gone downhill at all.

        What will really improve matters would be the completion of the attached retail shopping center (and please God, the final paving of the parking lot, which is appalling). So far there is just one store occupied. In this economy I assume there won't be too many more for a while.

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