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Jan 6, 2009 04:51 AM

Baltimore specialty request

I'm from Boston and I'm trying to figure out where I'd turn in the Baltimore area for the best, most authentic crab cakes, crab boils or other Baltimore specialties that maybe are lesser known in other parts of the country.

Any tips would be appreciated. I'm not looking so much for hidden gems, as I am for locations that are iconic Baltimore.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. O'Brycki's
    They've got their own style and have been there forever.
    Check it out:

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      I like the crabs at O'Brycki's -- a distinctive black pepper seasoning with a lot of heat that you won't get anywhere else. Otherwise, it's a pretty shabby place -- both in food and ambiance. Be prepared for disappointing sides, such as $3 puny and shriveled baked potatoes and well boiled corn on the cob. Haven't been to Faidley's but Lexington market is certainly an iconic Baltimore scene, and Faidley's is reportedly (agree with tlc0529) "the" place for crab cakes. I'd be curious to see what your group ends up doing and how you like it.

      1. re: maddogg280

        FYI - Obrycki's Crab House is closed for the Winter and will reopen March 10th, 2009.

      2. Faidley's in Lexington Market has one of the most iconic crabcakes in Baltimore. While you are there, stop by the Berger stand and treat yourself to some Berger cookies. Some say they are too rich, but I don't know the meaning of the word! I really like the crabcake at a place called "By the Docks". The service is very typical Baltimore (you may be called "hon" quite a bit), and the food is reliable and generous. Also, you won't go broke eating here. A tip...make a reservation.

        1. for steamed crabs (not crab boil, thats not our thing here), go to Mr Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex, they do crabs year round and it's very "Baltimore".
          For other local seafood, Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton has good crab cakes, steamed shrimp, raw oysters, etc.