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Churros in Montreal

I'm looking for good churros in the city. Preferably served with a nice think chocolate sauce. Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Tapeo on Villeray. With the sauce.

    1. Churros Montreal (7497 St-Hubert), but they are nothing like Spanish churros. Think South-American churros filled with dulce de leche.

      1. I just saw that a new churros place was going to open up on Somerled, just west of Cavendish...hopefully, yes, they will also serve that delish thick hot chocolate...

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          The Somerled Churros placed opened on Saturday. They carry a range of Latin American products as well as home made empanadas and alfajores.

          Che Churro
          6453 Somerled
          Montreal, Quebec
          H4V 1S7
          (514) 303-8316

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            Anyone know if Che Churro on Somerled has seating to eat there? Thanks!

            1. re: kpzoo

              There are several small tables.

          2. re: Arktik

            Is the hot chocolate Spanish style, Mexican, something else?

            And what about the churros?

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              I did not ask about hot chocolate but did buy some Mexican hot chocolate mix to take home. The churro I tried was very tasty, filled with dulce de leche and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for a very reasonable $1.25 ($1.00 for plain).

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                Yum! Thanks so much for mentioning this place - it's very close to me and I can't wait to try it out, sounds delicious and something NDG has lacked til now. Homemade alfajores, even - woo-hoo! For those who've never had them, these are delightful shortbread-type sandwich cookies with dulce de leche inside, sometimes dipped in chocolate. Yum!