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Jan 6, 2009 02:19 AM

supermarket w/American foods

I am planning a trip to London and would like to find a few foods from the Old Country (USA) to bring back to France. Are there any supermarkets near Trafalgar Square that might have imported American food? I am pining for Tex/Mex foods, American cheese (jack, especially), jalapenos, etc.

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  1. Depends what you mean by near, but there are fairly good US food selections in Partridges - Kings Road, Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Wholefood Markets etc.

    There is also a good ebay seller that seems to have a lot of the stuff you might want.

    1. even my little Tesco Metro has pickled jalepenos. I've not found MJ cheese anywhere yet though. Depending on what day you'll be here, there is a stall at Borough that carries some Mexican items. Borough Market runs Thursday-Saturday.

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        Of the places I have seen Whole Foods seems to have the biggest selection.

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          Monterey Jack is sold in quite a few Tescos in West London on their cheese counter. Their store on the Cromwell Road definitely has it.
          I'm sure that a lot of the Sainsburys that we shop in have MJ on their cheese counters too.

        2. Partridges in my experience has a good selection but is expensive! Wholefoods seems to be more reasonably priced to me - we get jalapeno refried beans there lots! Aldi sometimes sells some great big jars of jalapenos which I tend to stock up on!

          Waitrose in the Brunswick Centre, near Russell Sq sometimes has a few American goods! The mexican stall at Borough is great. There is a Mexican store in the Elephant and Castle and one on the Old Kent Road also!

          1. Try Cybercandy on Garick Street in Covent Garden. They stock mainly sweets, though they do other bits and pieces I think. They have a website, just Google for them.

            On a related note, I see Tesco have started selling Reeces Pieces!

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              No way! I really want some Reeces Pieces. Which store did you see them in?

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                Glossop, Stockport. If they have them in out of the way places like that, I would imagine they would be everywhere.

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                  Excellent, thank you. I'll have a look in a couple of London stores tonight and see if I'm successful.

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                Oh, my... what next?? I never thought I'd see Reese's Pieces over here. I live near The American School in Surrey and some of the local supermarkets stock things like American cake mixes or some other things for the large ex-pat community. I will definitely take a look.

              3. I've seen reeses pieces on yankee soda