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Jan 6, 2009 02:17 AM

Fenway Restaurant fires

Breaking news on TV is that 7 restaurants in the Fenway have burned down. It appears to be the row where Thornton's grill is. News said it started in the Thai restaurant and then spread. Are there any fenway hounds who can update?

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  1. Just read that at The Globe on-line. 6 restaurants and a dry cleaner. The fire started at the corner of Peterborough and Kilmarnock streets at about 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

    Here's the link:

    1. From the Herald online:
      Firefighters battle a 4-alarm fire early this morning on Peterborough Street in Boston that gutted or heavily damaged popular restuarants Sorrentos, Umi Fenway, Roddee 2, Greek Isle and Thornton’s.

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      1. re: phonelady

        El Pelon is smack in the middle of those, and they just rebuilt after a fire in the last year or two.... did it somehow leapfrog them I wonder? Those poor folks, I hope they caught a break.

        1. re: pierce

          Guess they were not lucky this time either:

          Flames spread to Sorento’s Italian Gourmet, Umi Japanese Restaurant, Greek Isles, Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine II, El Pelon Taqueria and a dry cleaning business.

      2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....not my little fenway nook!

        Thank goodness I live within minutes of New Rod Dee...but I had a coupon for the fenway Umi! :(
        Poor El Pelon, their fried plaintains were aweful but they didn't deserve such misfortune.
        I was also starting to get into Thortons, as much of a grease pit as they were, there was a lot of cheap veggie eats.

        RIP...and may they alll rebuild themselves stronger, wiser, and more flame resistent!

        1. The video I saw on the fires was heartbreaking to watch, though thank God no one was badly injured (two firefighters were hurt slipping on ice, but no one else sustained injuries.

          I feel horrible for the owners and workers of the restaurants (as well as the dry cleaner that was also destroyed). It has been a bad enough time for restaurants even without things like this happening. I just hope some or all of the businesses are able to get the money to rebuild, and that they can open up again in time for Opening Day at Fenway.

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Always bad when these things happen, but often there is insurance to cover costs and lost income. Owners oftem end up with better newer establishments and are better off in the long run.

            1. re: AHan

              Agreed. I worry about El Pelon, though. This is the second fire in 13 months for them. At some point, I wonder if they might just say enough is enough. I hope not....

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Yeah, and they may now be unable to obtain fire insurance.

                1. re: AHan

                  and if they can't obtain fire insurance, they probably won't be able to obtain construction financing to rebuild. Not good news for the beginning of 2009.

              2. re: AHan

                Or, some developer offers them just enough money to cash in, and they build condos.....

            2. I live in the building behind the group of restaurants and I was up all night watching the fire as smoke filled the whole area. I could even smell the smoke coming into my window and I remember seeing the blazes coming out of that area. I know the owners of Greek Isles such wonderful people and I feel horrible that they will wake up and realize there place has burned to the ground. I use to go there weekly and to the other places in the area. I know that Thorton's had a lot of new staff working there when I was there last week. It will be interesting to see what actually caused the fire.