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Treacle Sponge Pudding in Vancouver

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Does anyone know if treacle sponge pudding is served at any restaurants or pubs in Vancouver? After discovering this dessert in the UK, I'm craving some more! Thanks :)

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  1. Is this similar to sticky toffee pudding? Similar enough to satisfy a craving? Then try Burgoo, I seem to recall it was delicious, but that would have been a number of years ago.


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      If that is the same stuff, then Nu has a good one (albeit an Aussie take on it IIRC).

      At another food forum the recs mentioned were:
      Nu, Hamilton Street Grill (for the Gingerbread Pudding), and Parkside.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! Sounds yummy :)

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        Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. I think treacle sponge has golden syrup (instead of sticky toffee) soaked through it and is traditionally served with custard, but I think you're right - this could satisfy a craving!