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Jan 6, 2009 12:11 AM

Bar & Restaurant with a Twist

I'm looking for a few "Bar & Restaurants" that fit this criteria:
-Nothing too fancy (not referring to money, I'm talking about atmosphere. That means something like " Onieal's Restaurant & Bar" is out of the question)
-Nothing to trashy either (fancy is bad however, trashy is even worse hehe)
-Isn't too crowded
-Allows for intimacy
-Comfortable chairs/benches/sofa's etc.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think we need you to be more specific. How much do you want to pay? What kind of food are you looking for? Do you care about location?

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      1. re: Pan

        Money is not an issue (however, as I explained in the original post I'm not looking for a fancy Bar & Restaurant) so it could be as expensive or as cheap as they come.

        Food wise I'm also very neutral. As long is not a full-blown sea food Bar & Restaurant I'm fine. I'm more of a pasta person but I understand not all of these places tend to serve this as to why the food is not really an issue.

        Lastly, as for location I also don't care where in the city is located.

        Overall, the environment/atmosphere is more important than anything.
        "-Isn't too crowded
        -Allows for intimacy
        -Comfortable chairs/benches/sofa's etc"


        1. re: Elitehacker63

          In a way, you're almost too flexible, but the specifics you care about make me unsure whether you'll like places I'd typically recommend, so bear with me while I think this out. The only place that immediately came to my mind that serves good food and is never crowded and usually not loud (Yeah Shanghai) has ordinary chairs, and while it's a place I've happily taken dates and girlfriends, there's nothing particularly intimate about it and the lights aren't low there. By contrast, the places I know that have a more "romantic" atmosphere in terms of lower lighting and serve pasta (for example: Lupa, Cacio e Vino) tend to be louder and more crowded.

          But I have a thought. Soba Koh is a noodle place, plays beautiful modern jazz on their sound system, is somewhat spacious in the arrangement of its small room and has what I think are comfortable chairs (I wouldn't know if you would). I have no idea whether you'd consider it to allow for intimacy or what that really means, but I think it's a good place to take a date. Gracious service, consistently good food including good desserts, nice music but not too loud - a really civilized experience. Give them a try and see if that's the kind of environment you're looking for. Oh, and there IS a bar there, or at any rate, a counter within the room, and they will serve you drinks like sake, beer, or I believe shochu if you want some (I've only ever had tea or sake).

      2. B Flat in Tribeca has precisely the atmosphere you're looking for. I go for the cocktails, which are absolutely sublime. The food is pretty good. I've had the baby arugula salad with prosciutto and the roasted duck breast. They were perfectly tasty, if a bit on the small side. But the main attraction is the cocktails. Dear GOD are they good! I recommend the Star Dust, the Scenes in the City, and the Kind of Blue; but you really can't go wrong. If you're on a date, sit at the bar, and watch the bar chefs work their magic. If you've got a bigger group, sit in the back area with the comfy chairs. They'll reserve space for you if you give them a call. Terrific place.

        1. Thanks for the suggestion guys.
          "Soba Koh" it looks nice however, it just isn't our type of food.

          As for "B Flat" I've actually passed by this bar multiple times (is located in the lower level/basement correct?). However, I have never stopped to check it out. I will take a look and see how it is. I like the fact you mentioned they have comfortable chairs etc. which is I like even without big groups. How crowded does it get though? I don't really think is that intimate but sounds like a good place anyways.

          So yeah, I'm still on my search.
          Are these any restaurants and/or bars that have more secluded/private areas/sections?


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          1. re: Elitehacker63

            Are you looking to have a party with a large group? If so, that puts your search in a different light, because many places have private rooms for groups but not for couples.

            1. re: Elitehacker63

              I've never actually seen B Flat get that crowded, which is part of why I like it. (I organize my NYC existence around enjoying good places while avoiding large crowds. It ain't easy, but it makes the city more enjoyable.) The house rules at B Flat are designed to discourage the proliferation of, you know, assholes. E.g., they won't serve you unless you're actually seated.

              As for the intimacy level, it's hard to say without knowing exactly what you're looking for. Stop by, have a drink, and see how you like it. The worst that can happen is that you'll have a sublime cocktail while deciding that you want a slightly different atmosphere.