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Jan 5, 2009 08:57 PM


Hello all i am turning 30 in June and was really hoping to have a Crawfish boil as my party does anyone know of a company that specializes in Crawfish boils in the RI area and is Mid-June too late to have a craw fish boil. I really care about the second more due to the fact that I would have no problem doing my own boil as long as it is not too late in the season ??????

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  1. FishnDive, I love a good crawfish boil... usually the season starts about two weeks from now, and ends late June to as late as August, depending on the rainfall. (More rainfall=longer season).I actually phoned up a couple of places (cited below) to ask about your question.

    These are only two companies that sell and ship the live crawfish for your fest (a friend has tried them and was happy with their service). They said to give them a call in April and ask about your dates--they can look at the rainfall and weather patterns then to better determine if they think nature will accomodate a crawfish season long enough for your party (last year's season went all the way into August). Laissez les bontemps roulez!

    1. Friends of mine used the Crawfish Co (first link ideabaker provided) for their July wedding outside of Boston, and everyone was very pleased (a bunch of us are from South Louisiana, so it was a tough crowd!). It was very pricey, though, as would be expected. Also, as you probably know, the later in the season you get, the larger the crawfish get, which can be a good thing in terms of meat amount, but a bad thing as they generally lose sweetness and get tougher. But June should be a pretty good time...Have a great time!!

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