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Jan 5, 2009 08:55 PM


Hello all i am turning 30 in June and was really hoping to have a Crawfish boil as my party does anyone know of a company that specializes in Crawfish boils in the RI area and is Mid-June too late to have a craw fish boil. I really care about the second more due to the fact that I would have no problem doing my own boil as long as it is not too late in the season ??????

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  1. Or, head to NJ for a fantastic Crawfish Festival. We look forward to this each year. All New Orleans food - it's excellent. I don't know where in New England to find a great crawfish boil so I'll be anxious to hear what others say. I lived in La. for 7 years and truely miss the food and music - this is my once a year fix!

    I don't believe june is too late, you can also have them shipped up from many places in La. to do your own. We get ours from Deannie's each year and they are fantastic (we have them boiled then shipped

    1. Hi FishnDive,
      I'm always heading in a different direction, it seems, when Memorial Day Weekend rolls around but the Bayou n' Boogie Fest in Smithfield, RI has always been on my radar screen. I would hope and assume, since they advertise food's available at The Fest on their web site, that one might be able to engorge ones self on some of dem tasty Mud Bugs!

      Bon Ton Roulet,

      1. I was reading that Crawfish are bad to eat..they are farmed and the toxicity levels are high. Bummer as I adore them..or used to..

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          Practically everything you eat is bad: many animal products for saturated fats, grilled meats with cancer causing hydrocarbons, mercury in canned tuna, toxic build-up in wild game, raw shellfish alerts, more than 1 drink per day, butter, bacon, eggs, etc etc.
          I think perspective is in order.
          I eat crawfish about 6 times/year gorging myself maybe only once on the bugs. Hell, my wine consumption alone overshadows the toxicity of the crawdads...

          We ordered 50lbs of live bugs from Kyle Leblanc Crawfish Farms

          as well as seasoning. This was late June and it was fantastic (had to ahhhh, *transport* the sack from upstate NY into Quebec).
          Boiled them up in our lobster wash tub over a live fire.
          Froze the leftovers in freezer bags to be enjoyed later (not AS good, but still plenty tasty).

          If you're thinking of having the bugs shipped, call a supplier and ask about a specific date and they'll be the experts. If not live, they probably offer cooked-fresh and cooked frozen as well.

        2. Okay, here's one more option that I stumbled upon reading this thread

          Pork_chop (Jeez, any relation to "our" porker?) had a rec of Smoke and Pickles out of Westport, MA, for a caterer doing 'Que and when I clicked through their menus under Southern Barbecue I noticed this statement; "Ask about our Southwestern Louisiana style menu plus the RI based Magnolia Cajun Band".

          Chris Ash, the wife of the owner/chef Dan George, is a member of the band. So, depending on how big you want to go, would give you an additional P-A-R-T-Y option!

          Smoke & Pickles
          876 Drift Rd, Westport, MA

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          1. re: Harp00n

            Why would you eat craws when you have LOBSTER here?

            1. re: stormshadow

              Cuz craws are a social Maryland steamed crab. Munch on 'em for hours and hours, with copius quantities of ice cold beer ;)


              1. re: MaineLobstah

                oh yea!!! Nothing like lobsters - these babies are spicy and it's an experience to do them.

              2. re: stormshadow

                Given that logic, why would I, as a New Englander, eat anything that doesn't grace the menu of Durgin Park.?


              3. re: Harp00n

                Distant relative on my mother's side, but we generally don't talk about it.

                1. re: porker

                  I understand, it wouldn't be kosher! :-)


              4. the reasons I don't want lobster is one becasue we are in new england we can get lobster year round , two we have a lobster fest at least once a year ,three I dive for them so when I want one I have one so lobster for me although great gets boring during the summer and lastly I am not a creature of habit I like to try new and exciting things

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                1. re: FishnDive

                  Then may i suggest soaking your mudbugs in a bathtub for a week or two, because they're loaded with it.