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Jan 5, 2009 08:30 PM

Anniversary dinner in LA...where to go?

Coming down from Santa Barbara to LA in a couple of weeks for our 14th anniversary. That many years ago, we were married and dined at L'Orangerie. Sadly, it isn't an option for us, and we really aren't in La enough to have any idea where to go. Was thinking Providence or Hatfield's, but need the board's opinions and passions to weigh in on this! Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Providence is an amazing (albeit pricey) experience. If you've been saving up and want a meal of a lifetime while still supporting local resturants (the the one LA chef who beat the Iron Chef)--I strongly recommend going.

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      Thanks for the words of wisdom! Our anniversary is one of the few times in a year for splurging on a big time restaurant in LA (I am not a fan of most of what Santa Barbara offers) so Providence is in the lead until some other opinions are (I hope) posted!

    2. La Cachette could be a great option for you. The food is classic but not dated and the kitchen is consistent. The service has also been top notch on all of my visits. I consider it a hidden gem.

      La Cachette Bistro
      1733 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

      1. Providence is always a great choice. You might also consider Melisse and Ortolan; the former comes closest to the feel of L'Orangerie, the latter is owned by a Chef who used to be the chef there (Christophe Eme), albeit a few years after your visit. Both are excellent French restaurants. While I like Hatfield's a lot, and it has its romantic aspects (outside on the patio particularly), it is not on the same scale as the other three, either in size or scope.

        Melisse Restaurant
        1104 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

        8338 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

        1. I love Providence. Hatfield's is great, but Providence is more special for your anniversary. Definitely get a tasting menu at Providence.

          1. Providence is terrific but I would also put in a vote for Ortolan - very wonderful although less popular on these boards, in my opinion it has a more romantic air about it and the champagne cart is a nice anniversary touch -- the tasting menu was exquisite as well.
            Really can't go wrong either way! Enjoy...

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              Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I think we're going to bite the financial bullet and try Providence!

              1. re: chevalblanc2000

                They have several tasting menus and I would go for the Chef's menu. We had it recently and it was an amazing 5 hours/13-14 coursesjourney.