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Dine Out Vancouver recs

The Dine Out Vancouver menus have been out for almost twelve hours, and no one else has posted about it yet?! I'm surprised :)

There's a heck of a lot of restaurants on the list, and I need some help wading through and picking out the must-visits. (Does anyone else think they should be a bit discerning in what restaurants can participate? Seattle's version of Dine Out only has 30 restaurants, and they all seem to be excellent.)

What are your top 2 or 3 picks for Dine Out? My top 2 are DB Bistro Moderne and Gastropod.


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  1. I haven't participated in a few years, but I may try to this year. Top three: DB Bistro Moderne, Gastropod, Diva at the Met.

    Looking at the list, the other ones that look interesting to me are: Blue Water, Cobre, Hamilton Street Grill, Octopus' Garden, Osteria Napoli, Yew, Parkside, Salt. I've been to all of them, but the price point looks good.

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      I've never been to Diva so I'd definitely try there. Octopus's Garden kicks serious ass as well and I haven't been for a long time.

      The ones Fmed has pointed out, will all be good too.

    2. Just got back from a trip home and had dinner at db and Octopus Garden. Definitely can recommend those two based on the experiences. The food was excellent and just checking the menus out (am rather jealous I can't be there), the prices are excellent given how much I spent on dinner.

      1. I'm going to WIld Rice is Gastown.
        ALways love that place and just can't pass up the price point!

        1. Parkside. I'm am most impressed with them during Dine Out and during regular meals. Atmosphere, service, food, all top notch.

          1. My only pick would be DB Bistro Moderne. Dine Out is a great way to sample new restuarants and DB is the choice this year.

            I agree that they should be more discerning on the restaurants they include. The list is getting longer but the quality is gettig lower. The inclusion of chain restaurants and sub par restaurants on the list in the last few years is kind of disappointing. The idea was a reducd price menu on fine dining restuarants that would generate business in one of the slowest periods. I do wonder if the overall quality of the restaurants is the reason why some of the finer establishments no longer particpate.

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              Look out for alternative venues that will offer prix fixe a la Dine Out provided by restaurants that opted out. Hmmm...maybe they should call it "Opt Out." There are a number of them.

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                  I managed to get a table for DB Bistro. Unfortunately it's for a weekday and I can't seem to find anyone willing to go on a work day. I may end up cancelling, darn it !

            2. While we're on this topic, why are some restaurants so opposed to doing Dine Out? It is because of the "hotwaterandlemon" crowd?? And how come some restaurants do the same "value" meals, but choose to opt out of D.O.? I would think it would be a great opportunity to showcase their cooking and make a few bucks during a traditionally slow time, but only if they're on their game. There's a small group of snobs out there who wouldn't DARE set foot in a restaurant doing D.O...like it's beneath them. What gives?

              Personally, we always go to Parkside - we've never been disappointed - the great price point gives us the opportunity to try a few cocktails before dinner and have the wine paring. And still have enough $$ to take a cab home.

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                I don't think restaurants are opposed to the event what they oppose is the cost of being one of the participating restaurants. One of my restaurant friend wanted to add his restaurant in, however the "advertising" fee was very hefty. The other reason is it's so busy during that time that performance isn't up to their regular standards. That's the response I've heard over the years from friends in the restaurant business.

                I don't usually take part in dine out myself. Not because it's beneath me, it's because I find the service, food and the whole experience to be rushed and stressful. This year I wanted to go because of the new DB Bistro, this will definitely test how well they can perform during a busy busy event.

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                  Thanks, GW, for the clarification. The restaurants certainly have to work hard to showcase their skills - if not, they've really blown it. That's happend a few times to me - even at Cin Cin, where a couple of years ago they really dumb-downed their menu. There are a couple of other restaurants that we've never gone back to after Dine Out. Now, in all fairness we really should give them another shot during regular times, but with so many new and exciting restaurants on the scene it's hard to venture back into a possibly disappointing experience. That's why I have to give kudos to Parkside - every year, even during DO, they provide an excellent dining experience - never a rushed or haphazard one. Goes to show you that it IS possible after all.

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                    It seems there's much more pressure on staff to turn tables during DOV which must be uncomfortable. I go to the odd resto (La Buca here, Canteen in San Francisco) that has a time-out-by and though I love both, I sometimes feel a bit pressured as a customer.