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Jan 5, 2009 08:19 PM

Anyone tried Indiclub in Woodlawn?

apparently actually has some south indian.
only one in the bmore area I know besides mango grove in columbia.

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  1. I saw this post and wanted to comment. I ate at Indiclub last evening. It was overall a good experience. I have a vegetarian wife and we both enjoy Indian food very much, particularly South Indian. We have eaten at most of the standby places in Baltimore as well as Mango grove. While edible, most of these haven't been terribly exciting. In our experience, Takoma Park and Woodlands as well as Udupi Palace have been our standbys for outstanding Indian food.

    Indiclub was really quite good. We went with friends and had a smattering of typical dishes- both veg and some chicken as well. The masala dosa was exceptional. Channa was good as was the Okra and chicken dishes. The food was significantly higher quality than Mango Grove. The service was spotty with waiters who didn't speak much English and took their time with everything, but they were definitely trying. The place was largely empty save for a children't birthday party in the back room.

    The waiters indicated to me that they are under new management for the past 3 months and will be changing their name to Paradise Indian Cuisine. They will apparently be serving more indoChinese dishes on their new menu. I am always a little skeptical about IndoChinese because I kind of feel like I'd rather have one or the other. IndoChinese always seemed like bad Chinese food with Indian Spices- maybe I'm missing something.

    REgardless, we will definitely be back to try the buffet lunch and see what more Indiclub/Paradise has to offer. It is a pretty darn good place in an unexpected location.

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