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Jan 5, 2009 07:23 PM

Desperate for chow near West Village.

We are coming in for the weekend and will be in the W. Village Friday evening. The two of us aren't picky eaters, but our guest has never been to NYC before and might not be as adventursome. Looking for reasonalbe fare ($35pp w/out drinks) in the West Village/Village area. Willing to travel a little bit out of area, but need to be @Barrow and 7th by 9:30. Italian is out, but are pretty much up for anything else.

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  1. ino on bedford is a great spot...tiny but great panini, cheeses, and well priced italian wine. youll definitely come in under $35/person.

    marys fish camp...seafood...if you watch yr order and split an appetizer, you may be able to sneak under yr limit.

    barbuto on washington...great vibe, fun time...i think you can squeeze under 35/person.

    1. Westville
      Cafe Asean
      are a few suggestions that should fit your budget

      1. Some suggestions:

        Malatesta Trattoria on Washington and Christopher
        Mexicana Mama on Hudson
        Moustache on Bedford

        1. Tartine, at the corner of West 4 and West 11. Crowded and small but superb food and even celebrity-spotting. I live nearby and go often. BYOB means you will be well under your budget.

          1. Blue Ribbon Bakery - selection of small plates. Gottino