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new burger joints in vegas

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seems to be some new burger joints popping up in vegas. anyone have first hand experience at any of them and recommendations either way? thanks!!!!

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  1. here are the places i've hit -

    burger bar - mandalay - they basically got it started - i like it but ain't cheap !!
    stripburger - fashion mall - great summertime spot - decent food, better bar.
    blt burger - mirage - i liked it, but only one visit
    Le Burger - one visit - didn't like it - overcooked , dry burger - decent bar though.
    lbs - red rock - the latest - ok - didn't wow me - only tried once - also, screwed up the roomies order - they forgot to bring her dinner salad - they did make up for it bringing us desserts to go ( cupcakes and a burger cake thingy ) - but they weren't too good.

    the non burger places w/ burgers :

    db brassierie - i finally tried it - impressive
    mesa grill - also very good
    bradley ogden - this is supposed to be the standard - and damn it, i haven't tried it yet ! i keep forgeting they are not open for lunch - one of these days i'll hit their bar and try it.

    local spots -
    Kilroy's - i'm a big fan - many options !
    in-n-out - the best fast food burger
    fatburger - ok but damn expensive
    gotta believe 5 guys is gonna hit the vegas valley soon !

    if you want a crazy big burger, hit mcmullen's across from the orleans.
    there's also a place in

    i still gotta hit schoops - on slv blvd, in the antique mall - it was voted the best by the local newspaper a few years back.

    happy eating !

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          Are any of the burgers on the Strip as good as Kilroy's?

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