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Jan 5, 2009 06:53 PM

Need meal ideas while at the hotel

I'm working away from home for 4 months and am at a hotel that doesn't have a full kitchen, only a mini-fridge and microwave. I've been eating salads and soup for a month and can no longer take it. Any meals ideas? I'm getting desperate!!

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    1. Thanks, c oliver! isa1, I was reponsible for hijacking parts of that thread. I'm jelaous! If I can get a MW and fridge next week in DC, I'll be a happy camper! Go get a couple of those plastic MW devices, one for cooking rice and steaming whatever; and the other for cooking burgers or thin strips of steak for a sandwich. Potatoes can be done perfectly in the MW; as can eggs. As you can see, without a MW, I'll probably get an electric skillet or small crock pot. Fortunately, my room will have a coffee service with which I can make a five course meal.

      1. isa, what kinds of things do you like to eat when you have access to a full kitchen?

        1. I wouldn't mind a small crock pot...they're really cheap. I like to bake potatoes in 'em (takes 2-3 hrs,) and you can make berry compote (I like to stir into my yogurt,) or poached pears/other stewed fruit for desserts.

          1. Can you plug in a toaster oven? When we remodeled our kitchen I used ours to make steaks and chops. If you have the luck to be anywhere near Trader Joe's has frozen potato pancakes, frozen eggplant slices, and premade meatloaf that could all work in one. If you're not near a TJ's, there might be comparable products that would work as well.

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              My wife and I went to San Antonio recenlty, and stopped on the way in Luling and Lockhart for what we knew was way too much barbque to eat, so we brought a toaster oven with us for leftovers for that and the week we spent on the river. It's great for bagels and muffins in the morning, and in my opinion, superior for reheating most foods, better than the microwave. Since you're there so long, I don't think the 30-40 bucks spent on one at a Best Buy or discount store would be unjustified.