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Jan 5, 2009 06:44 PM

Suggestions needed for 4 chicas to NOLA

Hello NO hounds -

My 3 roomates from college and i are going to New Orleans in 2 weeks for a little reunion trip - we're so excited!! 2 of us have been to NO several times (it'll be my 5th time) and we want to show the other 2 what brings us back time and time again. what better way to do this than eating our hearts out??

We can fit in 6 - 7 meals (and snacks in btwn!) since we'll only be there for a long weekend. also, given the current economy, we are, unfortunately, on a somewhat tight budget (< $27/person/meal). we're not big drinkers, and our strategy is to have lunches at pricier joints (such as Galatoire's) and dinners at places that are easier on the wallet.

As you can see, the list below is imcomplete and all over the place. Please feel free to rearrange or give any suggestions. i'm also looking to squeeze in Liuzza's & Dooky Chase's (not sure about the operating hrs), but don't know what's the best way:

Dinner: our first meal in town (we're arriving MSY at 10:30PM) - pls suggest a place in FQ for late night dinner (maybe gumbo or po-boy for the NOLA virgins?)

Breakfast: cafe du monde
Lunch: Galatoire's or Stella! or Herbsaint or Luke?
Dinner: Brigsten's or Casamento?

Brunch: is there a court yard like the Court of 2 sis, but with much better food? somewhere girly, pretty, and has great food.
Dinner: ?

So much to eat, so little time - thank you for your help!


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  1. A couple of quick notes, as I am sure you'll receive plenty of good advice:

    1. Do Sunday brunch in the courtyard of Cafe Amelie (weather permitting, of course) Beautiful courtyard and consistently great food. 900 block of Royal

    2. Don't know if Stella! does lunch, but I imagine it will be hard to meet your price-point there.

    3. Please post a review if you do lunch at Galatoire's w/o alcohol. I don't know if anyone's ever attempted it before!

    4. You could have lunch or dinner on the cheap at Coop's on lower Decatur in the FQ. Classic dive bar with great food.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    1. I have heard a lot of not so good things about Liuzza's lately but have not gone myself. You might like Rio Mar or Cochon for lunch. We always order a bunch of small plates and pass them around. Lil Dizzy's is good too. There's one on Poydras you could walk to. They have fried chicken, gumbo, red beans, etc.
      Can't find a link for Lil Dizzy's.

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        I agree. I think you gotta take your chicas to Cochon, which is one of the hot restaurants in town. The food is so New Orleans (really, South Louisiana) and so delicious. It's not in the FQ, but it's in the Warehouse District, which is a short cab ride away. Avoid the entrees and get the small plates (pork cheek highly recommended.) You could definitely do this for less than 27 per person, esp. for lunch, as long as you don't drink too much.

      2. For lunch I would venture to Stanley, I will be there at some point this weekend, and if it is as half as good as it was before, it will be very enjoyable.

        1. What about Commander's Palace for sunday brunch?

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          1. re: Burger Boy

            RE: Friday night.....

            It'll be close to midnight by the time you taxi in from the airport, check into the hotel, and venture out in search of food. I'm trying to think what's open late. Coop's, maybe.....Verti Marte.....Clover Grill......

            Clover Grill is more greasy spoon than "New Orleans". Verti Marte is take-out (good po-boys) but the place might scare NOLA first-timers!

            Coop's is probably your best bet, but phone before heading over to confirm that the kitchen is still serving: 504-525-9053.

          2. Prices at Gal's, Herbsaint and Luke are same lunch and dinner. Herbsaint has far better offerings at dinner. MiLa, Emeril's, Commander's have a lunch prix fixe as well as regular selections. Cuvee has 3 courses $25 Fri. lunch. Try Rambla for excellent , reasonable small plates.