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Jan 5, 2009 06:37 PM

food to bring to a new mom

i'm not sure whether to post this here or home cooking?

I need advice on what t bring to my friend who is having a c-section in a few weeks. She already has a toddler and her husband is going to be away for business a few days after delivery so i offered to help her one day. this is tricky too b/c i too have a 3 month old who can become fussy frequently. i mention all this b/c i need to be able to make something really easy. i'm also on a budget since i'm fairly a new mom too.

i was thinking casserole of some sorts but not lasagne. her husband is italian and they eat quite a bit of italian food (not to mention they'll probably laugh at my interpretation of italian cuisine). any suggestions?? both savory and sweet suggestions are welcome. thanks!

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  1. I love tuna casserole and when I made it for a friend who had a baby this summer, it was a big hit.

    Veggie and polenta casserole too.

    Both of these are low-cost and easy.

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      I second the suggestions for casseroles (such as tuna noodle), or maybe some kind of stew/soup with lots of veggies and maybe pasta or noodles. The suggestion for granola bars is great, or maybe trailmix or something.

      The crockpot is a great idea too, provided she has one. Could be cheap, too.

      When I had a newborn, I couldn't get enough fruit. Maybe a fruit salad?

    2. Perhaps think about something you can make once and serve alot? Think roasts (chicken a turkey, pork {fresh ham}, even a few meatloaves) that spend time in the oven then you can divide into smaller portions to freeze? One oven several dishes, a scalloped potato, a baked rice etc, a prep time (while baby naps) a roast time then, cool down, divide to freeze.

      You can make this a shared once a few weeks event. You both prep, cook and take home shared portions to freeze.

      Think of pre-packed crock pot meals. You can get those crock pot liners, fill them with ingredients, close off with a bag tie and pop into a freezer baggie, freeze, take out to defrost and pop in the crock pot.

      1. What about snacks? If new mom is BFing, she may only get a little time here and there to eat and a variety of snack foods might be great - granola or nutrigrain bars, small bags of chips or pretzels, etc.

        1. There have been numerous threads on this topic, sometimes hard to ferret out using the search function. Here's one to look over. If you type in the search box title: "new mom"
          you'll get more hits.

          There's helpful suggestions for snacks for the nursing mom as well as meals. I agree with casseroles in meal-size portions. Hearty soups, too, like sausage-lentil or minestrone with meat tortellini, mushroom-barley. Someone on one of the threads suggested things that mom can eat with one hand, like a bran muffin or trail mix.

          1. I'm thinking pasta salad with tons of veggies, in a vinaigrette... or a big veggie/bean salad would be good. It can sit in the fridge for a while and be eaten cold.

            Or maybe even a big container of hummus or white bean dip, with crudite and pretzels/crackers/etc.

            If she's stuck in the house and won't be able to run to the market, fresh veggies might be very welcome.

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              I was also going to suggest pasta salad. Might not be the first thing people think of this time of year, but since it doesn't have to be heated up, it can be eaten quickly. I made one for a new mom last summer that was a big hit--cheese tortellini, smoked salmon, some veggies, etc. Protein, veggies, plus the cheese makes it more of a comfort food.

              Other than that, I'd go big on the soups. Especially something like a beef stew, tomato soup.