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Jan 5, 2009 06:21 PM

captiva island this wknd - help

ny foodie coming down with family and need any and all recommendations
coming with kids, so we need casual but also going out one night adults only for a nice meal.

have heard many mixed things and any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. We were there last Memorial Day weekend & wish I could be more encouraging. Had a pretty good dinner at the Green Flash. Had an absolutely horrid (& overpriced) one at the Key Lime Bistro. Found Captina Captiva to be OK, but no real desire to return. Breakfast at RC Otters was OK, but again, wouldn't feel deprived if I never had it again. We didn't try the Mucky Duck or Bubble Room. We had a nice lunch at Doc Ford's on Sanibel on our last day. We would have returned to this place if we were staying longer.

    1. Sanibel/Captiva is not what I'd call a "foodie paradise". I think the best restaurant on the islands (for the grownups' nice night out) is The Mad Hatter just across the bridge on Sanibel Island. Pricey, but very nice.

      I agree with the previous poster regarding the Key Lime Bistro. The Bubble Room has a fun, retro decor that'll be fun for the adults and kids alike, and serves huge portions. Some dishes are better than others (the desserts rawk!). The Mucky Duck is only okay, but is kind of a Captiva instituton and one of the few places to dine with an unobstructed gulf view. It's a good place for a grouper sandwich and a cold beer. Green Flash is probably one of the better of the lot, but is nothing that's going to rock your world.

      On Sanibel, Sweet Melissa's is very good and would also be nice for the adults (tapas-style small plates). If you feel like taking a drive to go to breakfast one morning, I have always enjoyed The Lighthouse Cafe on the southern end of Sanibel (great benedicts).

      Have fun...Captiva is soooo beautiful!

      1. The Mad Hatter has wonderful food/ A restaurant for adults and a little expensive. Unlike the esperiences of a couple of others in the posts, I had several terrific meals at Key Lime Bistro.

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          That seems to be the trend with Key Lime...not consistent. Some days, the kitchen is on it's A-game, some days it isn't. When we went, one entree was a stuffed fish that was so dry that it was inedible. (When they saw how little of it was eaten, they took it off the tab without us asking, so I think the kitchen knew it should not have been served.) The other entree was supposed to be tempura shrimp, but what I got was covered in a heavy, soggy batter. Seems like you roll the dice when you go there!