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Jan 5, 2009 06:20 PM

Dinner at Bazaar

Has anyone been to Bazaar at the SLS?? Best dishes??

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  1. Hands down the Philly Cheesesteak. It's worth all the attitude and the $300 price tag for two (well we did have some awesome cocktails).

    1. hola, umich, si. Jamon iberico de bellota--1 oz.($18) for the two of us was plenty with all the other platos. Mix of mushrooms was delish. From the blanca menu, highlights were the green peaches and fusion-sashimi scallops, both very colorful compositions, each element in the mouth making sense. The three other plates we had were all good/v.good with excellent ingredients and presentation. Wines were on the expensive side and not a huge selection, which we solved by trying the white sangria, and were very pleasantly surprised--the main ingredient was a decent cava, spiked with excellent liquors (vodka, cointreau), nice fresh fruits, and a stir stick of raw sugar cane ($42 for a tall pitcher). Service and ambience were both top notch.

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          I was just there on saturday and there wasn't an option to get 1 oz of the jamon iberico de bellota for $18, you had to get 2 oz for $36. I'm going to write a review highlighting some of my favorite dishes in a moment.

          Ok, here's the link to my review:

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          1. is this a casual joint, and how does it work? it seems there a tapas bar, a dessert bar, and a more formal restuarant? along with rolling carts proffering up goodies such as liquid olive shots and foie gras candies????

            also, how much would it be roughtly per person for dinner? for a few tapas, or should i just have a main entree?

            i'm really confused about the whole restaurant concept here. also, are they open for lunch too? and is the same kinds of interesting dishes at lunchtime?


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              hola kevin, jackets are entirely optional if that fits your def. of casual, but it's a designed + decorated to the gills (contemp. architect P.Stark) kind of place that still feels spacious and airy. There's a booze/cocktail bar area, a dessert lounge, and two tapas sections, all conjoined. We were seated in the blanca section and were served exactly as if we were in a formal restaurant, but the courses offered were all tapas. Our choices were all large enough portions to give us a good mouthful for each of the two of us, at the very minimum, and quite more than that with the plate of jamon, though it was a single ounce serving of very thin slices. The mound of mixed mushrooms gave us about three healthy forkfuls each, so there is a bit of variability with your dining preference. We shared a total of seven plates and with the tall pitcher of sangria just had enough appetite left to share a light dessert with coffees. We felt we had dined very well, with a great range of tastes and foodstuffs, and got away for about 150-160 total--about a third of that was drinks and tip, and we thought the food was actually moderate in cost, high in value for a top-end eatery amidst expensive decor.

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                can you eat the same food but in a more casual section of the restaurant? and do you choose were to sit? is the booze/coctail section different than the blanca section? thanks.

                1. re: kevin

                  When you make a reservation, they'll seat you in either blanca or rojo, which are the 2 main dining areas. But I wouldn't call them formal...people wore a variety of things, some people were dressed up but I definitely saw a couple of people in jeans and t-shirts. Yes, the "bar centro" is separate from these sections. I'm not sure if you can order the regular plates in the bar area, but I would guess so.

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                    Bazaar has a luxury resort kind of overall ambience, but very casual and informal at the same time. Seating in our part of blanca consisted of very comfortable and well cushioned armchairs and couches; there was an adjacent party of four we could converse in normal volume with, and in general the tables are well spaced apart, noise level comfortably moderate.

            2. I had the $95 tasting menu (which doesn't come with dessert, go figure).

              There were so many dishes it's hard to remember all of them. My date loved it (she formerly of L'Orangerie, 7th St Bistro and more).

              Liked the sweet potato chips (a tad oily) with the - was it greek yogurt, tamarind reduction, star anisette, olive oil (very good olive oil - Manni?)

              Tomato hearts and watermelon - this is gonna be great on hot summer day - refreshing and delicioso. Same with the caprese.

              Philly cheesesteak is great - kind of a savory cannoli.

              The iberico wasn't quite my taste - tasted funky, earthy, a little old. I've had it before (Palate, Rivera, Capo) and enjoyed it, but I didn't tonight. Gave it a good try though. Maybe next time...

              Cotton candy with a cool foie gras cube was fun. Kind of a no brainer - how could that be anything but good?

              You know, I could go on and on, and not everything was great, some was just good. But overall a really fun culinary treat.

              The Dragon's Breath is no longer. No one I spoke with knows why.

              The boneless chicken wings - the weak spot of the evening - promising, but too oily and just not crispy.

              Cool feel to the place - a bit busy in spots, and oddly sized match ups. Still, some parts are incredibly sexy. The elevator area to the hotel look like the entry hall to some delightfully naughty sinful floors above. Or maybe a classy rooftop strip club.

              Looking forward to bringing friends here. Funny, ran into two friends there - both restauranteurs. So far the only people I know who have been there have been chefs and restauranteurs. And chefs are tough (these are well known chefs). And when asked about The Bazaar, they all immediately smiled and when into detail. Simple, creative and tastebud friendly.

              With tip, four glass of cava and little dessert cost me 360 bucks.

              However, my biggest complaint was the odd seating practice. I arrived ontime at 9:15 and was there there would be a 5 or 10 minute wait, so take a look at the store. Okay, come back in 10 minutes and they ask for my name. Again. Is this is something out of Kafka? I was just there. Another a ten minutes and I return. Again they ask for my name. This is Kafka. I will never get a table and everytime I return they will ask me my name as though I just walked in. Or is it Twilight Zone? Another 30 minutes and we're wondering - are they going to come look for us when the table is ready? So I go and ask how this works? They say they can seat me now "if you want". Sure, there was a humble apology but come on - it was like they'd never worked in a restaurant before. Or never even been in one. Huh?

              1. You can see the pics from my last visit there. I agree with the cheese steaks and the wrinkled potatoes.