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Jan 5, 2009 06:12 PM

RIP: Eats and Treats (Allston)

Eats and Treats, Allston purveyors of crepes, coffee, and smoothies (all pretty good) has gone out of business. I'm a bit surprised it hasn't already been mentioned here that I've seen, but they folded back in December sometime.

The door says "CLOSED", and they're pretty clearly renovating for some kind of new restaurant, but what, I don't know.

That's, what, Eats and Treats, Reef Cafe, and Sumi, all in the last year? I know it's a high-turnover neighborhood, but E&T was always a solid option and seemed like it was going to work out. Better than the sometimes-awesome-sometimes-sucky-always-with-loud-TV Reef and the obscure-but-super-tasty-but-doomed-without-a-booze-license Sumi. What's next, Yoma or Gitlo's?

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  1. Sumi has been closed for close to 2 years, actually - long since replaced by Mount Everest Kitchen - while Eats & Treats and Reef Cafe both seem to have closed up shop within the past month. And you should please refrain from putting the jinx on YoMa and Gitlo's!

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      I don't wanna jinx anyone, but I can't tell you how many times I've walked by YoMA, Mt. Everest Kitchen, and Madina Market during primetime and they've been completely empty. It's gotta be tough for these guys with all of the competition around. To add to the list above, there was the Cambodian/Thai place Suvarnabhumi Kiri.

      I think Gitlo's is ok. I've eaten there probably 5 times in the last 2 weeks and he was always busy in the kitchen either cooking for other tables or filling takeout orders. If nothing else, I'm waging a one man mission to keep him open. The other place I'd hate to lose is Madina Market. I wish those guys would clean the damn place up. I don't usually care about decor, but man, that place could really use a good rub down and some cool rugs.

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        Hi Hounds, sorry to interrupt the chow talk. Since the goal of this board is to share chow tips about what is delicious to eat in the Boston area, we moved the digression/speculation about the economy and restaurant closings to the Not About Food board. You can continue that discussion there:

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    2. Just found out that a Mexican restaurant will be moving into this spot. It will be called Habanero Mexican Grill.

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          Moi aussi - er, I mean, mí también. I'm trying to picture exactly what color that might be, though...

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            Probably a shade close to I Am Curious Yellow.