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Jan 5, 2009 06:07 PM

looking for a gourmet dining experience

hi, i will be visiting my old stomping ground in march. much has changed in austin, i know. with that said i'm looking for a top notch dining experience. something underground maybe or just incredible food with one seating a night, no menu sort of thing. something with a great atmosphere and worth my money.

i live in seattle. for examples of what i'm looking for i inlcuded links to restaurants in seattle that i love.

the corson building
sitka and spruce
cucina spinasse
one pot

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  1. Not sure if this is what you mean, but I know they've done some special wine tastings, Valentine's Day, etc.

    I highly recommend the Chef's Tasting Menu at Jezebel. The waiter finds about any food allergies, preferences, etc. and then the chef lets his imagination run loose. You can do either 3 or 5 courses with or without wine. The food and service are exceptional. It's not cheap but by far my favorite fine dining in Austin.

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      thank you! wine bars, anything. i heard about a place called parkside. is it all it's revved up to be?

      1. re: sweetwankle

        Parkside is very popular on this board. Wednesdays are 1/2 priced oyster nights. I've been a couple of time to have appetizers/drinks at the bar. If you do a search on this board you'll get a better feel.

    2. For this kind of thing I always recommend Uchi first.

      I'm kind of curious about Mario Batali's parents place (Salumi?) as profiled on Anthony Bourdain's show. That place looks incredible, and, sad to say, we have nothing close to something like that (though someone might try to convince you the delis at Central Market or Whole Foods are close--don't believe them!).

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        uchi? japanese? i will have too look at their menu. salumi's is excellent! you can ordere their cured meats online but nothing like the experience of waiting an hour in line for a delicious meat sandwich. thanks for the input!

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          Tyson Cole the exec. chef competed on Iron Chef and makes that style of food and platings.

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            Look into the omakase at Uchi. I'd suggest calling ahead to see if you need reservations for that.

            Yes, Parkside is all that it's revved up to be, imho. :)

          2. re: taliesin15

            salumi is awesome. I wish some of the restaurants down here would order their stuff. One of the great thing about seattle's blossoming italian scene is that so many restaurants are getting their meat for charcut plates from them.

            the pork shoulder sandwich is not to be missed.

            nothing here in austin like that place. not even close.

          3. Get on the mailing list for Dai Due - it's a supper club featuring local ingredients and headed by a former chef at Vespaio. Depending on the season, there will be dinners from one to four times a month or so at great locations such as private homes and farms. Once your are on the mailing list, you'll receive March's dates in late Feb - sign up early as dinners sell out very fast. It's always a very fun time - lot's of great people and food.


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              thank you so much! this is exactly what i am looking for. something off the cuff, outdoors, different menu each time. yuM!

            2. I am a big fan of Wink, with their everchanging menu. Had the best sweetbreads there once. Also heard great things about Dai Due. Haven't gone to Uchi but only cause the one time I met Tyson Cole he made a bad self-imposed boycott is almost up, though. I'd also recommend Jezebel on Congress. Very European in service (they let you sit as long as you like, don't approach the table if you're deep in conversation) and the menu changes pretty much daily. Hudson's on the Bend is awesome, too, although their menu remains set for a season, it seems.