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Jan 5, 2009 04:59 PM

Thumbs up to Roche Bros delivery

The recent bad weather plus a coupon offering what amounted to 10% off a first order prompted me to shop online and I was quite pleased. My large order was filled exactly to specifications and although they don't offer EVERYTHING in their inventory online, it's a wide selection and you can get quite specific about amounts, sizes, how you like your produce (e.g. green bananas), and delivery times. They have incentives for future ordering, like waiving the $9.95 fee on the second order, and about the same value in free breakfast food (eggs, bacon, juice, muffins) on the third.

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  1. As an old Home Runs customer, I've never really warmed up to Peapod. I use them but not weekly as I did with Home Runs.

    I can't wait until Roche Brothers come to the Back Bay. I will certainly try them and may even begin to use a regular grocery delivery service again.

    1. Love them! I've used them for quite a while now. Never been disappointed. I just got a giant delivery before the holidays.

      1. I had tried Peapod, but the selection was so limited that I still had to go to the store. Roche Bros was great, tons more choices, and yes, you can get very specific about what you want. Plus they have a no tipping policy. The incentive on the first delivery was...$30 off AND a free apple pie! Second delivery is free! Can't beat it.